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Friday, June 24, 2011

Wily converts and their divide India campaign

I ran into this article by a convert. Converts are brain-washed zombies who are taught to hate the religion, culture and social setup of their own ancestors. In this article I posted a comment, take a look.

There’s no escaping racism in India

My comment:

You are just another convert who has been trained to hate her own nation's culture, ideology and religion. We Indians are aware of missionaries who aim to divide India on religious, caste and other such lines. I am a South Indian and I care a damn about any South-North divide, I love my South Indian brothers and sisters as much as I love the North Indian brothers and sisters. And no, a Punjabi Sikh or Hindu would think just like a Tamilian that secularism is the best while a Paki Punjabi thinks that he is the purest and most Islamic! Din't your missionaries teach you this? Oh by the way, how much did you take to convert to Christianity? a bicycle, some cash, eh? Easy money eh?

1 comment:

  1. Superb comment, Indic,. My blood boils when someone talks against culture of my country. They already lost it, now they hate us , the ones with culture.