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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cheap aping of the US -- Bugs in FM office bring it to fore

I don't believe it. I turn on the television and what do I see? Our own respect Bharatiya Adarsha Nari terming the placing of bugs in FM office as being India's Watergate scandal. I am shocked Sushma ji. et tu? Why do even the most sensible and educated of India fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to the Americans? Why compare ourselves against an inferior culture? They may be richer but culturally they are a no-show. The only worthy equal we ought to be comparing ourselves against is China, let's not forget that. Some of the recent irritants in the media,

1. MF Hussain mentioned as "Picasso" of India
2. Barkha Dutt's power broking conversations being described as "Barkhagate"
3. Live second by second coverage of Obama's visit. Obama who?
4. If navy seals can do it can our own Indian special forces also do it? Do we have the capability? Rubbish!
5. Maniratnam referred to as Spielberg of India!

And a lot more. Pah! What low levels we can stoop down to. Shame!

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