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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Go back you rotten immigrants

Apparently some foreigners find it "difficult" to integrate into Indian culture and live and work in India. Well we could not care less! If you cannot integrate and expect western culture in India, we are sorry you wont get it. It is not our fault that we dont have teenage pregnancies or high divorce rates or that we dont drink to socialize. If you cant integrate into our culture and society then the shut up and GET THE HELL OUT OF INDIA! When in Rome be a Roman. So when in India, learn and appreciate (if you are broad minded enough) Indian culture, speak the local language, dress like the locals and socialize like the locals. Dont expect gay pubs or wife swap parties here in India. When Indians visit abroad they gel into the society there and eventually go one to become model communities and citizens. The Indian Americans are a great example of that. But look at some of the westerners who come here to India and rant and whine about conditions here. Well its your fault that you got kicked out of your job back in the west and that you are no longer wanted by your society and that you had to come to India to make a living and sustain yourself. Its not our fault that your economies are bankrupt since you led a life beyond your means and it is not the brown man's burden to support your obese a$$.

So here's the bottom line, to all westerns who b!tch, whine and rant about having to living in India, get the HELL OUT!

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