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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

BCCI award function a cheap rip-off of Oscars

They say Imitation is the best form of flattery. Not sure if the BCCI or some of our "film awards" ceremonies aim to please or flatter the Oscar awards organizers but they sure remind me of the Chinese made replicas (working ones at that) of Harley Davidsons bikes or Bentley cars. Cheap rip-offs. I could not tolerate it that one time when one Tamil movie award ceremony was modeled on the Oscars, of course without the mini skirts. The same nature of music, round dining tables around which participants sit watching at the stage, spot lights in a particular fashion etc etc. You end up feeling disgusted and wondering what would make us Indians want to ape the west so much. Note that I have not used "these people" but "us Indians" because we all inevitably end up doing it. Every time we say "shucks" or "yikes" it's but our contribution towards these wild aping. But that's another topic for another day.

But yeah, the BCCI function was indeed modeled on the Oscars and it was a Chinese Harley. 

iPhone 4 ad in India

Continuing with the time tested formula of using ads made for western audiences directly in India so much as without a tweak, the iPhone 4 ad is out on Indian television. Now let's see, the following checklist always ensures a great hit in India,

a. Western faces - Check
b. Western names - Check
c. Western accent - Check

Of course such though lines are strictly blasphemous in India and people like me are hounded and harrassed and expected to toe the original Macualite pseudo-secular "broad-minded" line. Poor us Indians. Colonial hangover is so strongly rooted in us that it might take another kalpa for us to get out of it. 

One of my western clients always used to say when I used to show them some demo of a product, she would say "please use western sounding names instead of Indian ones in the test data". Hypocrisy spares no one and I am no exception. I never had the guts to ask her (would have gotten myself fired from my job) what she meant by a western sounding name. Of course both she and I knew that she meant christian anglo-saxon names like say "David Richardson" or "Mark Smith". It could never be the name of a non anglo-saxon immigrant who had long settled down in the States or in Europe. For example, Dimitry Topolev or Valdimir Sikorsky. It also cannot be say "Jaswinder Singh" or "Muhammad Hamid". What? These folks have been settled in the West for so long that they are obviously Westerners right? If White Polish people could immigrate from Poland in the 1850's and be termed Westerners today then why cannot our "Vladimir" or "Jaswinder" pass off as westerners? Or is that only Christian White people qualify for westerners? These answers we will never know as the subject is taboo and hardly moot in western society. In India you will see the reverse trend to it. Ashrafi Muslims who openly take pride in their Turkic, Persianic or Arabic roots are readily accepted as Indians and "Mohammed" can very much be a "Indian" name. But no siree, not in the west, you can abandon your roots, convert to christianity and become a Bobby Jindal or Nikki Haley but you never will be a Westerner. Sure is a funny world. And this comes from the melting pot of cultures, it is not difficult to see that if the mix does not boil down to something Christian and White then it definitely is no Western thing. 

With the above being raised, I now ask why don't we in India have the right to see Indians and Indian sounding names in Indian ads. Is it so difficult to even shoot an ad for an Indian audience? And then there is this new ad for the Octane deodorant. It features, you guessed it, non-Indic looking actors. This is a new fad now, you have a case which can pass off as Indian elite or as mediterranean or as middle eastern. But definitely not readily Indian in appearance. How's that for ad austerity? Re-use the same ad and the damn Indians will never find out. Add to this the new Hyundai Verna ad.

BTW this ad can pass off easily as a soft porn video. It's no plain old Surf ad that the whole family would happily huddle together and watch. At the end of the ad, it is mentioned that this deodorant is a product of the "Elder" group of companies or some corporate entity like that. I thought this ain't no "Elder" buddy, this is "Adult". Either it was an insance coincidence or a sort of sadistic humour on part of the ad-makers but whatever is sure that it is another one of those Indian ads with foreigner looking people as eye candy in it to impress Indian buyers and make them buy the goods. Colonial hangover struck Indians are but only too obliging to do the same. 

And there is this other ad for the Lumix camera. Atul Kasbekar proudly says that the camera can make people in it appear more fairer with some "cool" feature in it. What a shame! If we din't have enough of an embarrassment with the fairness creams this had to come around as well. Yatha Raja Thatha Prajah now has an equivalent saying in, Yatha audience thatha ad-maker. 

West's undying racism and narcissism

We in IndicRace go to great lengths to emphasize equality of all races and all human races are part of one great family! There is no scientific evidence out there to refute it. Science has proven that in times of famine and great hardship entire populations see a decrease in the IQ and should prosperity be back the IQ jacks up again. Somehow the west never did understand it. Same is the thing with civilizations which have crests and troughs. The Ethiopian kingdom and much of West Africa had reached their heights even before Greece and Rome and were sea faring nations with a cultural legacy to be proud of. There many other states in Africa which have some very interesting periods in their history to be very proud of and we in IndicRace are impressed and admire their greatness. We will also be reviewing their cultures over time. What is very disheartening to see is that the West has a greater share of the racist attitude pie than the others.

In the West I was treated to great courtesy, politeness, warmth and care. Believe me, 99.99% of westerners are not racist. In fact some of them are so nice and genuine I often wished we Indians could learn from them. Not that we Indians are not nice or genuine but I was talking in the context of manners and etiquette. Holding the door for others, not spitting near the legs of the other person, an occasional hello to a stranger etc. There is a minority in India which does this but we in India have different ways to express warmth, love and compassion than the westerners. We, however can definitely improve on the etiquette part. But there is this little minority in the West which are racist to the core and hate all other races. So much so that there is even white on white racism, Slavs are discriminated against. I know of a Slavish friend whose ancestors had to change their last name to a more Anglo-Saxon sounding one, when they emigrated to USA, in order to be accepted by the Americans already living there, perhaps fearful of this bigoted minority I just mentioned about. 

So I run into this guy in youtube in a video where he was wondering why the "negros" never did ever advance or develop. I smiled and felt sorry for this guy, one for his bigoted brain and the other being his poor knowledge of history. I let him know of African greatness while Greece and Rome were still boat faring small towns and villages. It was too much to take for him and he took refuge in a sham dismissive attitude backed by hopeless sarcasm. There is something to these racists, they somehow end up feeling that one race is better than another due to current temporal factors and environment. For example China was a poor nation in the beginning of the 20th century but just go back in history and see how it outclassed every other Western culture and civilization out there in its time. It is said that had the Chinese wished they could have easily defeated all European navies in the early part of the millenium on strength of their advanced technology, would you believe it, missiles fired from Chinese ships which could hit other ships? And just see how Chinese were looked down upon in the US in the early part of 20th century? Today the Chinese, albeit under a cruel communist dictatorship has risen again and threatens to swallow the west. Now you see a quiet grudging respect for the Chinese in the US. Indeed history is witness to the fact that strength respects strength and all else is secondary. Suddenly the Chinese are no push-overs anymore. Strange eh? 

By the way this is the video in youtube I was referring to and do check out the comments section,

Monday, May 30, 2011

Brown and Yellow man's burden

Often we hear about the White man's burden. Whatever it seems to have been seems unimportant now and of little significance in the current world order. The world is moving towards a state wherein the West is now becoming the Brown and Yellow man's burden. Brown and Yellow Man taught the rest of the world the basics of civilization and have been the longest known sources of innovation which has changed the world. White man innovated some things in the last 300 years, went on a imperialistic rampage and that was sufficient for him to come up with phony stories of white supremacy and inherent dominance. Problem is that the Brown man and the Yellow man who were living in sophisticated societies and were reasoning the relationship between Man, God and Society many thousands of years before the white man moved out of his caves to huts and other dwellings, actually went ahead and believed this nonsensical theory for some amount of time. If 300 years of economic, military and technological domination could convince white man that he is supreme we do not understand why several thousand years of economic, military, technological, cultural and civilization dominance could not drive an idea into the head of the brown and yellow man that they could also argue that they were greater than supreme!

We at IndicRace have a theory for why this is so and will try and attempt to explain it in this post. We call it the "overnight rich" phenomena. It is very common to see that when someone becomes rich overnight their behaviour becomes entirely cuckoo and they end up acting like fools for some amount of time before sense is knocked right back into them. The newly rich suddenly want to act all sophisticated, put down other not-so-rich individuals around them and develop an air of superiority around them. This is typically the case with the White man or as they are collectively called the "West" these days.

Westerners had 2 periods in their history where they emerged out of grinding poverty, backwardness and need into sudden richness and prosperity. This happened way back around 700-600 BC. Mushrooming empires also heralded the coming out of western civilizations. It has to be mentioned at this point that Indian and Chinese empires were in places about 2 thousand years ago already when Westerners were still hunter gatherers. The rise of Greece and Rome suddenly opened the world to these people and they immediately set about coming up with theories of "supremacy". Aristotle came up with theories of Greek supremacy and how Greek warfare, art and culture was superior to all else. Then the Persians whacked the Greeks into place by invading them. Apparently the "superior" warfare tactics of the Greeks was not enough to stop the invasion. The Greeks then exacted revenge and defeated Persia under Alexander "the Great". They had dreams of conquering India. At that point India comprised of several Mahajanapadas and the most powerful one was Magadha. The contempt and ridiculing of Greeks by Indian kings was apparent in the correspondence between Purushottama and Alexander. Apparently Alexander wanted to conquer the entire world but to Indian kings and sages this appeared very strange and they wondered why someone would be so narcissist and engage themselves in such a pointless pursuit. One Indian sage also explained the futility of his expedition to Alexander but the latter was in no mood to listen. Purushottama, a king of a small kingdom with barely 30,000 troops handed Alexander a scathing and phyrrhic victory. The ferocity and discipline of the 30,000 Indian kshatriyas was barely manageable to the Greeks and Alexander's troops began to wonder that if 30,000 troops could do this to them then what would the 500,000 troops of the Magadha empire do to them? This was enough for the Macedonian troops to revolt and Alexander was forced to return albeit in another route as he had already made many enemies in the previous one. It has to be mentioned in this point that both the Indian and Persian civilizations were far superior to Greece in all terms and also actively occupied and ruled Greek populations for several hundred years but neither empire claimed supremacy over others and never had a narcissist attitude as did the Greeks. Greeks used to boast that their sculpturing was unmatched, the lie came to the fore when it was discovered that sculptures from around 3000 BC from the Indus Valley Civilization were discovered. That this was 2500 years before the Greek ones is to be noted.
Rome was no less humble. Hollywood movies depict the Roman army as unstoppable and superior to every other army. Wonder how they were humiliated by the Parthians or fell to the Huns. It should be noted that the Indians defeated the Huns that few other military powers of that day were able to do. Roman treasuries were stripped clean due to trade with India and India was a trading superpower of those days. Up until 18th century India and China well accounted for more than 50% of the world's industrial output.

The second point in history was during the 14th and 15th centuries. After the fall of Rome there was chaos in Europe and new small kingdoms came up. It was also the period of great re-ordering of races in Europe with Anglo Saxons now occupying present day England having come from the Rhine valley. During this period Europe was in the midst of dark ages and had little to offer to the world. India, China were as usual prospering and the newly emergent Islamic states were threatening the world. India and China both kept the Arabs at bay with the former defeating the Arabs in a series of battles called the battles of Rajasthan. Europe in great part fell to the Muslims and it took inquisitions to drive out the Muslims. Around the 14th century the Indian numeral system arrived in Europe. The Europeans were still using the Roman numeral system until that point which probably explains why no major technological innovation came from them for well over a millenium. Once the Indian numeral system and other mathematical/scientific knowledge started coming into Europe through Jesuit missionaries Europe underwent a transformation and scientists and inventors started sprouting up. Eastern Europe and Middle East contributed nothing as they were in a state similar to India and China with the Mongol invasions. India and China on the other hand were a constant source of innovation and science all through their history. Then disaster struck, 2 centuries earlier North India fell to the Turks and other barbarian Muslim invaders. The nation was in a state of disarray and many libraries and intelligenstia destroyed by the invaders. China was beginning to weaken internally with many revolts. The age old phenomenon of civilizations weakening from within our without disrupting their contributions to the world afflicted both India and China pretty much at the same time and this coincided with the emergence of Europe. However many westerners attribute it to Western exceptionalism and say that it was something specific to Europeans that led to the industrial revolution and other great innovations. That this is masked racism is not difficult to see. With technical ascendancy and new types of weapons at the disposal of the Europeans the next big wave of imperialist invasions began. History is witness to the fact that when the West is powerful it constantly tries to subdue other powers or engage in imperialist acts. Even in the present day American armies are scattered across the globe engaged in sporardic warfare.

As with every empire, crests and troughs eventually catch up with its dominance and glory. the British empire collapsed under economic stress, America is on the wane, the Soviet Union collapsed again under economic duress. France, Spain, Portugal and Germany today are insignificant players in the world military stage and it is only a matter of time before India and China grow so much in size that they would not matter much economically as well. The global tectonic plates of power is shifting to Asia. The decline that India and China both experienced several times in their long history now threatens the West. I just wonder how the West will react when they go down. Will they become grossly militant the way Muslims have become who are unable to accept a position of subservience to the West? Will an impoverished Europe become a hotbed of terrorism and other forms of extremism bitter with the fact that they now have to play second fiddle to India and China?

A recent report mentions that the world economic growth is driven by India, China and Brazil. Half of Europe is in economic doldrums with Spain having unbelievable unemployment rates. The American economy is kept alive by Chinese money and the whole world's economic system bar the BRIC nations appears fragile. It is now the burden of the brown and yellow man to rebuild the world's economy and keep alive bankrupt Western economies. It is now the burden of India and China to lend money to these nations whose extravagance and military bravado explains their bankruptcy. It is now the burden of the brown and yellow man to take blame from the sinking westerns that it it they who stole western jobs. It is the burden of brown and yellow man to now put up with theories that though both are rising or have already rise, will be no match to the superiority of the west when at their peak.

In the past it was the burden of the brown and yellow man to civilize the west. It was the burden of the brown and yellow man to put up with barbarian white hordes called Huns and then so-called-civilized British, Spanish, Dutch and Portugese barbarians who were frothing in their mouths with imperialistic zeal. It was the burden of the brown and white man to lose their jobs to the West who manufactured goods in a cheaper man in sweatshop conditions. It was the burden of the yellow and brown man to put up with Western barbarian ideologies like Communism Fascism and are currently having to put up with Christo Evangelism and other forms of internal subversion.

The Brown and Yellow Man's burdens indeed appear to be heavy and a long drawn one at that! It is however very pertinent to note that the "Overnight Rich" syndrome will never afflict them.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Australians living in glass houses should not throw stones at Indians

You really have to credit the Australians. I would categorize them as the most barbaric of cultures (well if you could call it one). When they act all civilized and polite and "accepting" it is hard to keep a straight face and think of all the crimes that these descendants of convicts have perpetrated in the last 200 years of their miserable existence. That not many native aborigine Australians survive today to tell us of these crimes is another matter. The Australians of today will give the British, the Americans and the Soviets a run for their money when it comes to cruelty meted out under the cloak of sham altruism. We will keep this topic aside, now let us discuss the main topic of Australians and their concerns on India especially after the Japanese nuclear crisis. If the technologically advanced Japanese struggle so much what would the lowly Indians do they asked in one of their online news articles I remember reading, I will post the link as soon as I run into it.

Now in that sentence where we are compared with the Japanese 2 things stand out.

1. First is that Australia is by genes racist and there is no denying it. It constantly tries to pass off as a first world nation and tries to come across as a technologically advanced nation which honestly it isn't! Worse in technical innovation, it has fared worse than India when the 200+ years of Australia's history is compared to the 60+ years of Independent India. Let us not go anywhere near comparing pre-independence India with Australia's ancestors who were hunter gatherers as recently as the 4th century when India was at the zenith of its cultural and military might. We will come back to the topic of technological innovations by Australia and post-independence India but first let us examine the roots of why Australia would want to portray India as the economically and technically poor nation. It is not just the Australians alone, even the Brits routinely do it. It is hard for these people to fathom that India in its 60 years of post-independance history would rise among the comity of nations and manufacture everything from the sewing needle to advanced nuclear reactors and aircraft carriers. When India built the nuclear submarine Arihant, British were upset just by the reason that they would keep saying that Britain is technologically more advanced than India because they had built a nuclear submarine but the under water launched missile of the Indians was just a beginning. When Australia portrays India as technologically weak nation and a poor one at that it sort of gives them the first worldly feeling that they so eagerly desire. It also deflects attention from their own pathetic record of technological innovations in their entire history, when I once asked an Australian what they greatest scientific output was he replied that it was the penicillin! I will leave you to read up info on the penicillin and how it was an appropriated invention by an Aussie :D. Now then you would ask, why do the Australians acknowledge Japan as a major technical power as that would go against our theory after all the Japanese aren't "white" enough. It is a constantly repeated lie in the entire western hemisphere that it was the west that "modernized" Japan and the industrial revolution was brought about in Japan by the West (West being whites by de facto). Now I am not going to go about debunking this absurd and baseless theory, suffice to say that the Japanese were more advanced and civilized way before the Whites got out of their caves and on to town dwellings. Japan is on a leash held by the West. India is not. India has its own sovereignty, the Japs do not. India is to be hated and brought within a leash. The Japanese no longer wish to be the alpha-male, the Indians do as do the Chinese so they are to be hated and a slander campaign started against them with the full might of the powerful Western media.

2. The Australians are in an embarrassing manner, exposing their ignorance of nuclear technology when they say that the Japanese are far advanced while the Indians are not. It has to be readily acknowledged that the Japanese as a technological power has been far advanced to India in the last 150 years. Most of the world's cutting edge comes from Japan but wait it ends there. When it comes to nuclear technology and know-how Indians are at a par with the Japanese and in some cases even ahead of their Buddhist brethren. In fast breeder reactors India pretty much leaves behind all other nations, not the Japanese alone. The Kalpakkam nuclear plant survived the 2004 tsunami without a scratch due to a well thought of positioning for the auxiliary cooling generator whilst the Japanese design gave way. The Australians on the other hand are nowhere in the technological map, for that matter not in nuclear field alone. Till date Australia hasn't had one meaningful innovation of scientific importance which could radically alter the world. Heck, no Australian car brand runs in India whilst 2 Indian car brands and a tractor brand are actively clamouring for market space in Australia. The Australian armed forces are a joke and they cannot even man their navy completely. Whilst India has produced nuclear reactors, human space launchers, dozens of satellites, heavy launch lifters, nuclear submarines, fighter aircraft, aircraft carriers etc etc puny Australia hasn't managed to produce any of these at all. They live on reflected glory off the British and the Americans and so eagerly brand themselves a first world nation when their scientific output is zilch compared to any other decent first world nation. Australian living standards is brought about by 200+ years of conflict free development and India in this same period of comparison would be far ahead of Australia in the same time period. When the Australians froth at their mouth proudly proclaiming this point, when they are reminded of the point I raised they just quieten down and say they are talking of the present! Indeed the Australians would love to dwell in the present as their past isn't much to write home about especially the part on the convict genes. With Indian GDP promising to double every 7-8 years it is not difficult to see that Indian standards of living will reach Australian levels in the next 40-50 years, brought about by 110 years of conflict free development whilst the Australians took more than 150+ years to do the same. Plus the Indians in their 60+ years of post-independence history have developer more cutting edge first world technology than the Australians have!

We rest our case!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Japanese and the nuclear fallout


        Post the nuclear issues in Japan brought about by the earthquakes and tsunami, international sympathy flowed in and everyone had kind words to say to the Japanese especially on how resilient they are or on how orderly their conduct was during the crisis! I agree, we completely support the Japanese in their struggle against the odds and stand by them during their hour of crisis and need. Now that the crisis has pretty much toned down in its ferocity and the Japanese have been able to bring things almost back in control, I will now share my thoughts on the incident.

      Post the 1998 Pokhran nuclear tests carried out by the Indians, the Japanese were frothing in the mouth running around advising on the "ethics" which discourage nuclear tests. Punitive sanctions were imposed and Japanese quickly scrambled on to their moral high horse. And if you thought it was the Japanese government alone putting up the sham altruism then I have some news for you, ordinary Indians in Japan were refused accomodation/renting of home in Japan by the Japanese commoners. This was because the Indians had "endangered" the world by their irresponsible nuclear tests. Fair enough! The moral high horse is indeed a tall animal. Come 2011 tsunami in Japan and half the world got a taste of harmful radiation let out by the Japanese. Now what do we have to say about it? Well, the post mortem concluded that the issue came about as a result of lack of proper maintenance by the Japanese engineers/maintenance personnel in the nuclear plants. I am not going into the specifics of which plant it was or which location it was mainly because it does not matter. What matters was that incompetence/negligence by Japanese engineers/technicians/personnel brought about the nuclear radiation leaks and which spread across half the planet. Now, you did not see Indians climbing onto their high horses did you? We did not curse the Japanese and deny them housing in India, did we? This my friends seperates the Japanese from the Indians.

      If you are now thinking that the Japanese reaction during 1998 was brought about by the fact that they had direct nuclear attacks on them by Americans in 1945 and there is no one better than them to understand the pain that nuclear weapons inflicts on people then think again! They were no saints before the nuclear attacks. One has to read their conduct during their WWII campaign in Burma and China and if you feel shocked then get yourself a "comfort woman" like the Japanese Generals got for their soldiers by forcibly kidnapping native women. So are we saying that the Japanese deserved what they got in 1945 then all we say is that pain yields pain and crime yields crime. What you sow is what you reap. In the East it is a multi-thousand year concept called Karma. The Japanese follow Buddhism which revolves around Karma so it is not that they did not know! That they created Zen Buddhism to disassociate from anything authentically Indic is another matter. All we say is that Japanese are no saints and they have just about enough credibility to lecture on altruism and ethics as do the Australians, Pakistanis or Americans. And for all their nuclear weapon experiences why on Earth do they have nuclear power plants in Japan? The fact that the Japanese don't have nuclear weapons has to do with the fact that they are on a tight leash by that other "ethical" altruist nation, the US. If Japan had won the second world war then this article would have been in Japanese praising the emperor on having survived the nuclear leak without a scratch on his royal Japanese lineage butt!

     For all the Indian journalists who frothed in their mouth and started hopping mad that Indian nuclear reactors are unsafe if a tsunami were to strike us then get this into your brains, Kalpakkam survived the tsunami without a scratch due to a well thought design for an auxiliary generator to cool the plant whilst everyone knows what happened to the Japanese power plants. Whilst us Indians are quick to jump on our own and term out workers as lazy/lethargic and incompetent, to them, I point the Japanese personnel whose incompetence caused the nuclear leakage fallout.

Indic Race

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

French Rivera my French bu**!!

Ok new ad, its for some apartment complex in Delhi or nearby with Bipasha Basu leading the charge. She says the apartment complex is like the French Rivera. Its not you honey but its the lowlife producer who is making you say such sub-human trash. why this fixation with everything foreign, especially if it is Gora? Come to think of the it, the Goths(French) were not truly civilized well into the first millenium and we use their name to sell property now? Para Brahmana!!!

Sad heart,

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Guidelines for review of a culture, so that you know


      At the outset, we will confess in our belief that reviewing a culture in its entirety and rating on a scale of 1 to 10 has a high degree of subjectivity to it. There is no perfect review of a culture. Objectivity will vary from person to person. A Muslim reviewing Arab culture may give a rating of 10 to it but at the same time a Jew in his position would probably give a zero rating! We will try our best to be as unbiased as possible in reviewing a culture as possible. This task also gives me an opportunity to analyze and understand cultures we hitherto never had a good understanding of. For example, we are not that well versed with the Japanese culture. So, what is the process  which I will follow in understanding and reviewing a culture and rating it on a scale of 1 to 10. A culture with a rating of 10 will be the best there is and a culture with zero probably never should have evolved in the first place. While we doubt that any culture would either get a 10 or a 0 for that matter any score above 8.5 should qualify that culture to be amongst the greats. We will classify the score and the relevant tag to the culture at a later point in this write-up. More info on my approach as below,

1. First, we will read various sources of information on the culture to get different points of view. We will go to the depth of the various aspects of the culture and understand the soul and essence of it. The various factors of consideration will be as below

       i. Longevity and resilience
     ii. Soft power and influence
    iii. Military might and power projection
    iv. Continual improvement and adaptivity
    v. Religion and philosophical depth
   vi. Tolerance and openness (Eclecticism) to external influence
   vii. Arts
  viii. Scientific and technical prowess
    ix. Internal fissures and overall unity
     x. Societal treatment of women and minorities

A brief look into each of these points below,

1. Longevity and resilience: It will be very difficult to find many a culture which has maintained its purity to its original form and survive thousands of years of human history. Cultures like India, China and the Red Indians have demonstrated enormous longevity and resilience and with many people in these cultures still following the traditions and practices that their ancestors did thousands of years ago. Many great cultures bit the dust and got completely transformed to near anti-thesis of their earlier forms. For example Egypt became a narrow closed society after its Islamicization as against its indigenous culture. Iran became Islamicized and Arabicized and today is a distant image of the once glorious and eclectic Persian empire. Christian Greece hardly resembles the once mighty influential Greek civilization. For a culture to be considered great it has to retain its core over the course of several thousands of years, right from its inception to current day. Many great cultures like Egypt, Greece, Persia, Mayans etc fail on this score.
2. Soft Power and influence: It can be easily seen that most great civilizations have enduring soft power and influence on other cultures/nations. Chinese and Indian influence is seen all over Indo-China. Arab influence is again seen in India and South East Asia. Roman and Greek influence is again seen on a great level in current day Europe and America. Spanish influence is seen all across South America. Here in Indic Race, we accord low priority to influence brought about my military conquest and forced practices. For example, Arab influence in South East Asia is given more points than the Point-of-Sword influence it brought about in India. In other words, influence brought about by barbaric means doesn't account for much points here in Indic Race.
3. Military might and power projection: Nothing much to be described here but again the caveat of the amount of brutality. For example, Alexander's conquest is not given much points as it was very brutal and well Barbarian. However, Chola conquest of South east Asia, not at all known for bloodshed is given more points as even the influence of culture is felt on conquests and expeditions. A violent conquest signifies that there is some negative trait to the culture.
4. Continual improvement and adaptivity: It could be that a civilization is geographically isolated and hence could end up being high on the longevity factor. Hence a separate criteria for continual improvement and adaptivity to innovations and changes from across the world. For example, the Japanese culture scores high in this regard but the Red Indian culture does not.
5. Religion and philosophical depth: Some cultures may be very successful technically and also prosperous but may lag when it comes to aspects of spirituality and philosophy. For example, the Chinese did not have a full fledged religion and had more of a vast philosophy trove not directly pertinent to spirituality but more to do with righteous living.
6. Tolerance and openness (Eclecticism) to external influence: It is said in the Rig Veda that "Let noble thoughts come to us from all sides". A culture may be very adaptive when it comes to technologies but may be a closed society and not tolerate other religions/ethnicities etc. Hence this criteria caters to that aspect. For example, China was very religiously tolerant as was India. Buddhism flourished in China.
7. Arts: Nothing much to describe here as it is self-explanatory. Fine arts play a great role in moulding a society and its thought processes. For example Greek society was known for its sculptures as was the Indian temples. In Indian temples entire epics were sculpted into walls.
8. Scientific and technical prowess: Very very self-explanatory. Almost all great civilizations will score well in this aspect.
9. Internal fissures and overall unity: Again, self-explanatory. Every civilization has its weak points and skeleton laden closets. The ability of the culture to openly analyze its weaknesses and address them actively speaks volumes of its resilience and preparedness to external assaults.
10. Societal treatment of women and minorities: Although this aspect is partly covered in 6 and 9, we felt a separate criteria is necessary for this. The way women are viewed by a society speaks volumes about it. While a minority community can be allowed to live in the society they may not necessarily be given all the tools and opportunities to flourish.

Apart from the culture rating we also classify cultures as the following types,

1. Grade A: These cultures/civilizations are simply the best of the best. They rate well in all aspects. India and China are the only cultures which fit the bill.
2. Grade B: These are cultures/civilizations which were great at one point of time but were probably destroyed/converted by another culture. Persia and Egypt are examples.
3. Grade C: These cultures are note-worthy and probably rode on/improvised on the innovations of other Grade A cultures. The UK and France are examples.
4. Grade D: Nation states. No civilizational legacy. For example Ukraine is an example.
5. Grade E: Mutt cultures. Cultures formed by freak history events. Generally a violent or malevolent nation/culture. Australia and Pakistan are apt examples.

This ladies and gentlemen, will be the the yardstick by which we evaluate and rate cultures/civilizations/nations. Please let me know your thoughts.

Indic Race videos being churned out


     I finally learnt how to create videos and start putting them on youtube. Check out my following videos, they are also available in my youtube channel.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Culture Review List


     The following will be the order of review of cultures from across the world.

1. Bharat, of course since it is the benchmark
2. China, again obvious as it is a civilization/culture considered on par with the Indics
3. Anglo-Saxon
4. Germannic
5. Japanese

For now, these are the ones I will be taking up in near future. 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

American Tourister Ad


I have this idea for a new ad line for American tourister. This time the "hassled" Gora guy travel in US itself, not in the dark, uncivilized Pagan lands but in the land of "freedom". So this guy gets into the New York subway with his "truly" American luggage. Since we in Indic Race are highly liberal with Barbarians we give this Gora guy the choice of another barbarian brand by name "Carlton". Ah yes, matey that "So English" luggage. In the sub, the gora is first attacked by Black groups with knives. Next, he is hassled by a homosexual group who are liberal on the vaseline. America you see, land of plenty! Then the gora guy recovers and is attacked by a group of "Ku Klux" folks for having had some "sort of interaction" with black guys earlier. Finally we finish the ad with a group of Hispanics throwing him out and his "American tourister" luggage out of the metro. Ahhh! Truly American eh? Melting pot of errr..peoples. The freedom and the liberty, it just drills its way into you, the vaseline notwithstanding!

Ashamed of our Rulers


So Rahul Gandhi is "at times" ashamed of India, eh Babu ji? You half-barbarian no-good of a Italian bandicoot, we Indians are most ashamed of you. It wasn't enough that we have to constantly face the shame of our de-facto ruler being a barbarian, we also have to put up with the rants of a hybrid Babu! PPah! What has Bharath come to? What next?

Raul, the only thing going for you is that you are half-Indian. For that and that alone there will be a grudging acceptance of your presence in this nation and especially its politics. Your mother was hounded out, ironically her latest flirting is with Jayalalitha who was most prolific in calling her Italian bluff! You really are some dude eh? You don't know if you are Indian or if you are Italian! You don't know if you are a "Pagan" worshipper of dark-idols or a follower of that oh-so-civilizing desert religion which goes by the name Christianity. Just that the clarity factors of your breed is high, you are half Kashmiri as well. That piece of land which was the fountainhead of our Bharath is today half eaten up by Barbarian forces both from without and from within. Now you just have to be a roach pseudo-secular, don't you? And continue betraying your own people most of whom live in abject poverty in Delhi's shanty camps whilst you rest in your air conditioned bungalows funded by the Indian tax payer whom your parents are so very accused of betraying right from the bofors deals to the latest MMRCA deal. All you have is not due to your hard-earned money but of the tax-payers of this great nation which puts up with people like you and your Italian Missionary-Mafiossi mother.

Shame! We Indians never learn. Right from the Greeks to the Mughals to the British and now to you and your Mom we have allowed Barbarian upon Barbarian to rule this great punya-bhoomi. Why don't you do us Indians a great favour and get the hell out of this nation and to your Italian Mafiossi state eh? Please, I hope that one bit of altruism that your half-baked Indian genes would have endowed in you would convince your Barbarian mind into what would be considered a favour by us Bharatiyas. Out you barbarian!


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

British or German, we care a Churchill-Hitler's rat's **** about them!

OK, continuing with the ads. 2 new ads caught my Indic eye!

1. Carlton, the all British Luggage
2. Hettich, German quality you can trust

Let's blow apart#1 above before we move to #2 , eh?

Carlton, the all British Luggage. Golly Mate, us Brown Indians get to enjoy "real" British luggage. Ah, swell indeed matey, eh? Move over your Brit faggots, we care a damn about your luggage. And one kick in the brown rear of VIP who are putting out these ads. Aren't you ashamed when you brain-storm such ideas in your ad agencies? What would make you stoop so low to come up with such ridiculous ideas? Money? Money that drives the colonial hangover in you? What's so cool about being British anyway? Eh? That they were a yester-year super-power who are now reduced to a third rate power well on its way to bankruptcy? So about 300 years of military and economic dominance by "Great" Britain is sufficient enough for you to "hero worship" them? to be in awe of them? To be mesmerized by them? Wait, Indians and Chinese dominated the world for much of human history, how come you are not in awe of them? How come you don't model your luggage against their name? This calls for some introspection by the Indian ad agencies.

Aez, nuv to zhe Deutsch brand eh? Achtung! Hettich is German quality we can trust? Errr, wait a minute. The Germans were real **** some 80 years back and they tried to appropriate our Indian history, culture and even genes. So are these the people whose qualities we can trust? :-) East German quality was the worst, so do we selectively trust only the products from the West German stables? Why are there already so many "ifs" to trusting German quality. These people were hunter gathers as recently as the 3rd-4th century. Cannibalism was found in the caves of Bonne well after the Indians had their Vedas and the Buddhas. What quality can we expect from a people who took several thousand years after others to completely civilize? NO, we don't trust German quality or their qualities. They are another one of the "mutt" cultures. Sorry!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stop casting foreigners in Indian ads

OK you Indian ad houses, if you wish to milk the "colonial hangover" by casting white folks in your ads then remember that one day even your own children will be ashamed to be in any way linked with you. India is growing and this resurgence will see its way through to its logical end of India regaining her past glory, power and influence. Then "whites" will want Indians to appear in their ads. When you go back in time and look upon your "old" ads casting whites won't you feel ashamed? STOP CASTING FOREIGNERS in Indian ads! And stop the crap of "fairness" creams as well. I am brown/dark/green/yellow and I am goddammit proud of it. Wait, are you using some of these fairness creams yourself?

Another cheap thing noticed is how multinational companies use ads intended for other target audiences to Indian audiences. I remember this Philips ad where all the actors in the ad were white and the whole ad appeared to have been primarily filmed for the Western Europe audience. But no, they had to grin in their thrifty ways of using those ads in India for a "rousing" reception. Indians after all, they argue" are so obsessed with white skin folks and also white skin in itself that these ads will be longingly viewed by them "admiring" it at the same time. I bet they are 100% right. Indians have this big colonial hangover and are obsesses with the west so much so that they are 100% A Grade unadulterated Agmark certified wannabes without doubt. I see it all around me, people wanting to be seen as "oh so western".


Some of the Indian ads I know of which have foreigners in them are,

1. BLUE STAR AC (white bald guy)
2. PHILIPS (fat white couple fighting over bed)
3. PONDS FAIRNESS CREAM (featured Yana Gupta)
4. AMERICAN TOURISTER (Gora man having a "tough" time in India)
5. iPhone 4 Ad in Airtel
6. Octane Deodorant
I will keep updating this list. Let me know if you know any.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Barbarian Australians


And now what do we hear? Hindu Goddesses on swim wear?

Now you have really done it you Australian mutts. Does it occur to you what religion and culture is? Of course it must be difficult for you mutts to understand since your ancestors were all convicts and worse, they were all converts. People who in an instant relinquished the lifestyle and wonderful culture of their ancestors to adopt a new alien religion and not to forget actively went about describing their previous life and religion as "pagan" and "ignorant". Does your mutt brain even have the basic level of brain cells to comprehend the greatness of a religion like Hinduism? Don't let your convict genes show you bigoted mongrels! Hinduism is thousands of years old, way earlier than when your barbarian ancestors moved from caves to human settlements.

Here's what you can do. Die and hope that in your next birth you will be born in India and especially in one of the wonderful Indian religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. You will then earn some good karma and will ensure that you are never born as an Australian again!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Outright aping


So I see this ad on tv now. It's that of Ranbir Kapoor being a wannabe. A stand-up comedian you see. Nice! Now we have to ape everything of the West. And it comes with the settings and all, nothing is left for not being aped. Even the audience is made to appear "Western". Oh the bliss in Aping!

So what are we going to be aping next? Their 15 billion dollar porn industry? Their teenage pregnancies? It sure would be cool to be pregnant at 12 and then appear to "broad and open minded" in a Sarah Palin-esque inspiration eh you good old Indian apes?

Wish a sad heart, sigh!

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Sri Lankan debate


Hope you are doing well. It is often in the newspapers and in tv channels that you read or hear about the great Tamil-Sinhalese divide. People term it as such these 2 "people" were of different ethnicities. Reality Check! They are not. They are both from the same subcontinental stock! The Sinhalese are generally believed to have been the descendants of 2 different groups of migrants. The first came long long long back. These are the same people who had inhabited Lanka in the time of Ramayana. They were Dharmic in nature. These people were very much from the subcontinent. The second migration wave came after the beginning of Kaliyuga. It is said that an Indian price Vijaya and his followers brought Buddhism to Lanka and settled down there mixing and inter-marrying their already settled brethren there. Again they remained Dharmic, Buddhism dominating Lanka. It is now not difficult to see that the present day Sinhalese are part of the Indic race as are the so-called "Tamils". Now, here are two groups of people of the same Indic race, 2 Dharmic people, 2 long lost brothers sharing the same cultural heritage of the beautiful civilization of India and yet choose to bicker over petty differences all in the name of "ehtnicity". Ironic isn't it?

Some say it is the a clash of Sanatan Dharma with Buddhism. A theist religion versus an-almost atheist religion. What rubbish! India has always been a civilization where religions peacefully debated amongst themselves without violence. Remember Shri Adiguru Sankaracharya versus Shri Mandana Mishra? There was simply no room for violence in India over religion until the Abrahammic religions arrived. It is common knowledge that both Sanatan Dharma and Buddhism are the most peaceful of religions. For heaven's sake many people in South Korea refuse the draft as they say they cannot indulge in violence! So it can be seen that this arugument of Hinduism and Buddhism can also easily be dismissed.

So here is a clear message to the "Sinhalese" and "Tamils". Cut the crap! You are one people goddammit. You share a glorious history and culture which are 100% indigenous Indic! Stop the violence and cherish your common heritage. Indic civilization beckons both of you!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden is dead

On behalf of the entire peace loving citizens of of the one human family, I congratulate the United States for a job well done! And that in spite of Pakistan! American crack special forces proved their worth, hats off! It's a happy moment for all. IndicRace rejoices the death of this bigoted tyrant and mass murderer.

Now, once the dust settles and the euphoria calms down, the US needs to deeply introspect on the reasons behind the emergence of such entities as Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. In certain touch scenarios they had to side with these "entities" to fight another common enemy. I am confident of the American people learning from their mistakes, no patronizing tone here please, all nations make mistakes, its how we learn from them and move on that matters!

Once again Congrats to the US and its citizens especially its armed forces.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Australian barbarian Ad

OK. Now there is a new set of ads in which Indians canvas for Australia in the visit australia ads. One Indic lady goes as far as saying that one should come to Australia to "Really" live life. Oh poor bigoted me, why on earth can't I see it with a broad-minded "secular" approach like the rest of 'em roach psuedo-secs that there is semantics to it and not to be taken literally. Yeah right! Us Indians don't know how to "really" lead life do we? We need the Aussie barbarians to teach it to us and to do that we need to visit a beautiful land once owned by native "real" Australians and in a grotesque barbarian manner snatched from them by the "wonderful real-life-living" White barbarians. The indigenous population of Australia were a beautiful great people but no, Karma dictated that they would face extermination at the hands of the "wonderful" white man who would teach them how to "really" live life, in another birth though. If the diseases brought in by the white barbarians wasn't enough the "wonderful humanity" of the invading whites was the final blow to the natives who really were exterminated and I use the word in its literal sense.

So, now that the natives no longer can live the "real" life as they were all murdered, why not us Indians not learn the wonderful virtues of "really" living it up, eh? And what life is it? You mean adventuring over the unburied remains of the natives or the now destroyed dwellings of theirs? In that place where little indigenous children played around with themselves watched over by their loving parents now resides the "playgrounds" of the barbarians. And now they have ads to them to draw other people in. Wonderful isn't it?

Wait, when do the Indians get shot? After the fun ride on the beaches? Sure, they are not racist in nature, those confessing police officers and ministers don't know a damn thing. So we Indians in Australia get to have our life snatched away after we have had this short "really" life?

My dear native indigenous Australians, we Indians grieve for you and are proud of your resilience and tolerance to these modern day rakshasas who now rule over you, throwing open the "real" life to others. You are one of us and we are one of you. Your culture no longer exists, but believe me one day I will review it for you and let the world know how great your culture and people were.