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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Afzal Guru's hanging and a few thoughts on Indian Muslims

One of the reasons you often see bandied about in the media on why Afzal Guru is not hanged is that it might upset the Indian Muslim vote bank. Huh? Does it mean that Afzal Guru is supported by the Indian Muslims? Isn't this a direct insult heaped on the Indian Muslims? Here in Indic Race we disagree. Such careless comments not only defames an entire community, it also send across wrong signals to the Pakistanis that the Indian Muslims somehow sympathize for the Jihadis sent across the border by them. No doubt, there are some sections of Indian Muslims who do sympathize with the Jihadis like the Indian Mijahiddeen, the Popular Front of India, the Karnataka forum for dignity, the Hurriyat conference etc. But the average Muslim is least bothered about Pakistan. A majority of the Indian Muslims view Pakistan as a failed state and see no hope in it. the supposed haven for the subcontinental Muslims has turned out to be a haven for frothing Saudi funded Wahabi Jihadis.

Amongst all the din of fatwas and radical sermons by many Mullahs in India, sane voices like Javed Akhthar, MJ Akbar and Maroof Raza are proof that the Indic strain in Indian Muslims  makes them highly immune to the radical Islam ideology. Surprisingly you will find that many of these Muslims still view Hindus and other religion followers as Kafir and on following the wrong path. As long as this view is personal and kept to self there is nothing wrong or illegal about it. I think my neighbour on the floor below mine is a fool and is on the wrong path, I have the freedom of belief don't I? This is not all too different from the Christians who say that Jesus Christ is the only saviour. I often engage in debates with my Muslim friends on how all religions have the same message and each of them is a valid path to God but they never agree and say that Islam is the only way! They scoff at all other religions and outright deny that some verses in Islam is violent and discriminatory in nature. But ask them about Kasab and Afzal Guru and their blood will boil. They immediately say that these Jihadis ought to be hanged immediately. And they are genuine in this.

The Indic strain is indeed a peculiar one. Scores of NRIs in foreign nations never turn hostile against their adopted nations and at the same time never turn hostile against India as well. They gel well into the adopted community and eventually earn the title of model citizens. This is the same strain which pervades the Indian Muslim. He can talk hours and hours on how Islam is the most ideal way of life but will immediately seethe with anger at the very mention of Pakistan. A majority of Indian Muslims are very patriotic but this does not mean that they view some Indic traditions and religions as Haraam and created by the devil's influence :-).

One definitely has to question the logic behind the Indian Muslims clamouring to support the Palestine cause. Why is that they dont support the Hindus in Bangladesh or the Hindus in Malaysia who are being brutally attacked with the same strength as they rush to support the Palestinians? Is it some in built love for the Arabs and if so is this infused in them through Islam? Why dont Indian Muslims rush to support the Aceh Muslims if its just about support to fellow Muslims and not the love for Arabs then? Are co-religionists more important than fellow Indics? Why do Indian Muslims(majority) hate Israel? Is this because of traditional Muslim hatred for Jews or is it that it is because of Israel spanking Palestinians when the Jihadi threat goes berserk? Why do Muslims oppose India's diplomatic relations with Israel? BTW, wasnt it the Muslim appeasing congress which took the first steps to establish relations with Israel? The Indian Muslims will have to answer these questions and their continued silence on these matters is what fuels suspicion in the minds of other non-Muslim Indics.

It will be very difficult for Hindus to forgive the Mapillah rebellion, the Khilafat movement, the extermination of Kashmiri Pandits, the Godhra train burning and the campaign against India's dear friend, Israel. How Muslims strive to allay the fears of other communities in India is to be seen and followed. 

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  1. Very well done , who so ever will do any harm to our country , must be killed immediatly.