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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Nobel peace prize for Manmohan Singh? Price is Kashmir!

It is with great sadness and shame that I today blog this write-up on the Indian govt having a special session with Pakistan on Kashmir. Sigh! Here is a direct slap on the faces of our heroes, Shri. Ranjit Singh, Shri. Maharana Pratap, Shri. Shivaji , Shri. Krishna Deva Raya, Shri. Subhash Chandra Bose, Shri. Chandrasekhar Azad and many others who fought so valiantly to protect the borders of our multi-religious and multi-lingual nation. It was with pride that they attached the tag of Bharath on their shoulders. One wonders if the current ruling dispensation has descended from such great and illustrious ancestors. A special session on Kashmir with Pakistan. Oh my Parabrahmana! What's next? A special session on Khalistan with them? What rubbish and unadulterated filth!

Sharm Al Sheikh was the first instance when it became clear to the Indian populace that the current Congress government has no regard whatsoever to the popular public sentiment and had capitulated to the Pakistani demands. Since that capitulation did not satisfy the defeatist ambitions of the Italian Catholic Congress government we now have to witness this another travesty of a sham dialogue with Pakistani which even the common man on the road understands will yield nothing but some sort of mileage for Shri. Manmohan Singh for a potential Nobel peace prize. Which ruling government will willingly have discussions with a hostile neighbour on a piece of land over which it claims it has complete sovereignty. Is it then that Shri. Manmohan Singh believes that India has doubtful sovereignty on Kashmir?

A few more years of this regime will probably see the giving away of large portions of Indian land to hostile neighbours like Pakistan and China. Siachen Glacier, Chinese occupied Kashmir, Pakistan Occupied Kashmir will all be traded away for a nobel peace prize for Shri. Manmohan Singh. A single blade of grass may not grow on Aksai Chin or on the Siachen, but they are part of the Indian territory and our forefathers have in the past sacrificed lives to safeguard and secure them. Indian territory and sovereignty huh? Don't those word sound funny now? We had thrust upon us a de-facto foreign ruler like Sonia Maino. We now have thrust upon us strategic dialogues giving away Indian territory to Pakistan. What's next, we wonder.

May God forgive the sins of our current Government leaders. May Indian history forgive their grace mistakes!

With a sad heart,

Indic Race team

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