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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Races of India


        It is very frequent that you hear about how India is a diverse nation with many ethnicities, races and peoples. Ethnicities I can accept in that it has many positive connotations to it but race and people are something which can never be accepted. Biologically speaking India has a single common race right from Kashmiram to Kanyakumarin and from Saurashtram (present day Gujarat) to Kamarupam (present day North East). That's right all of India is from one common race. This has been proven scientifically through DNA studies and all claims of foreign origins of the fair people of India having their roots from abroad have been debunked by scientific analysis. Of most interest is the claim that the Brahmins of India actually originated in Central Asia, this has also been debunked outright by scientific analysis. Archaeogenetics and other related DNA study sciences have revealed many interesting information about the genetic makeup of India. Most prominent fact is that the current "castes" of India actually came about as a result of tribal affiliations and this system was not "imposed" upon Indians by some foreign people as claimed by the Aryan invasion theory. The current Brahmins, Vaishyas, Kshudras and Kshatriyas all were earlier several groups of tribes and it is this tribal affiliation which makes them intermarry within their groups and bond closely.

This also explains the varied skin colours across India. I always wondered how my wife's friend was so fair whilst her sister is slightly darker. This is very common across India. You will find very dark and fair people all across India. You will find both dark and fair people in all 4 varnas (Brahmins, Vaishyas, Kshudras and Kshatriyas). The colour of the skin has to do with skin pigmentation especially melanin content. The climate of the area you stay in has a marked effect on the skin colour. India is a vast land and was inhabitated by many tribal groups. These groups stayed in different places across India and their skin colour was tempered by the local climatic conditions. In course of time many of these tribes moved across India both in the ancient days and even in the recent past. The mixing of tribals and inter-marriages would have resulted in the now varied skin colours of Indians. New research has brought to light the fact that the current population of Australia is slowly growing darker in skin colour due to the Australian climate. In several hundred years don't be surprised to find Brown Australians.

Here in Indic Race we believe that skin colour doesn't matter and that all human beings on planet Earth are equal. Nature has never discriminated between its dwellers and it is only us humans who have imposed the concept of inferiority and superiority on each other. It would be a lie to say that fairness is not in vogue in India. Anyone contradicting it will be a hypocrite. No wonder you see so many "fairness" creams in India. The Germans and the British din't have much of a culture to speak of. Here in Indic Race we have already written posts on the history of these 2 peoples. That they chose to appropriate Indic culture and history due to its greatness and cover up for the glaring shortcomings of their own cultures is lost on present day historians. 

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  1. "Here in Indic race we believe that skin colour doesn't matter" What BS coming from an Indian. Here in the west you with your petty shop keepers and pseudo professionals are among the very worst racists. When facing the occasional bigotry you cry your heart out but dish out bigotry on a daily basis to the poor and disadvantaged here. This is no different behavior than you practice in the wonderful pristine land you were so eager to leave to take up residence in the "barbarian Christian west"