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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Baba Ramdev and the sum value of 2 inferiority complexes

In the humiliation meted out to Baba Ramdev, I see the age old trend of everything Bharatiya being trampled upon and everything non-Indic being trumped up. Here is a great man, a great Guru of the ancient Indian knowledge of Yoga being dragged away from his just cause of fighting corruption in this punya bhoomi. The fight against corruption was not to be. Instead the first thing the congressmen apart from frothing at their mouth announced was that Baba Ramdev is associated with RSS and inevitable ended up meaning that he "deserved" it. We will scoff at a later point on the fact that the Italian mafiossi sent the senior congress leaders to "fall at the feet" or Guru Ramdev. Now mention that to the congress fellows and they would not hesitate in saying that it is an Indic tradition of people falling at the feet of learned Gurus :-). Yeah right! Now we have heard it all. Before this Italian act of barbarism were the British ordered acts of lathi charging and shooting at freedom fighters. This tendancy to humiliate Indics is nothing new and is brought about as a result of 2 inferiority complexes. The first is the inferiority complex of the Italians and the British vis a vis the Indic culture and refinement. Indeed, it is said that when compared to Indic philosophers Greeks contemporaries were nothing more than school kids. Let us examine their history and understand why they feel this inherent inferiority complex which drives them to do things like what happened during the freedom movement and what is currently happening with Baba Ramdev.

The Romans as a people were able to form a big kingdom/civilization several thousands of year after their Indian and Chinese counterparts. Before that a significant part of their cultures revolved around village life. Not that there is anything wrong to village life but it baffles us that the Romans and the Greeks took several thousands of years to achieve what the Indians and the Chinese had already achieved. And the gall of the Greeks to say that they were superior to others. I bet thire Chinese and the Indian contemporaries would probably have had a great laugh at the naivette and intellectual vaccuity of the Greeks just like how we today laugh when the Americans say that they are the greatest democracy or that the Sun never sets in the British empire. Short periods of unparalleled wealth and power seems to bring out hollow and vaccuous sense of superiority in the westerners. The Italian mafiossi ruling India essentially come from this  Roman lineage. This lineage essentially is not much to write home about.

the British were worse than the Romans. The Angles and the Saxons moved from the rhine valley into present day England only around the 6th century. These people, along with other tribes are collectively known as the Germannic tribes. At the time they moved into England the Anglo Saxons were nomadic hunter gatherer tribes with little or no knowledge of farming. India was already in an advanced state of decline with its hey days under the Gupta empire coming to an end. The barbarian Huns had made their way through India even though Vikramaditya had handed them an unprecedented defeat during his reign. Death of Vikramaditya brought and end to Indic glory and pride which was never reclaimed in its entirety. So it is seen that the Britishers started on their journey to culture and empire building several thousands of years after the Indians and Chinese and even after the Romans themselves.

It can be seen now, that, given their history, the Italians and the British inherently have a sense of inferiority complex when they see the Indic culture in all its glory and refinement. Be it the languages, the culture, the arts, the science and technology or philosophy the Indians had long before them reached their zenith and had contributed to human growth and creativity.

The second inferiority complex is that of the very Indians themselves. 150 years of british rule was enough to convince the Indics that they were good for nothing and could only advance if they aped the British. The by product of this thought process are a majority of the current Indian Christians who were allured towards christianity by all sorts of deceitful means. I am yet to come across a single convert who had a genuine change of heart. Apart from the race towards aping everything western, the inherent feeling of self-flagellation and its public display to attract towards oneself the admiration and praise of other like minded inferiority complex afflicted pseudo-secular Indians has made its way into the people.

Now the sum value of both these inferiority complexes is what is resulting in the barbarian acts like the one we witnessed yesterday. The Italian/British Mafiossi and the Indian coolies both agree that the India can only be ruled by foreigners (or de-facto rule) and everything Bharathiya in nature and essence is intrinsically evil and "backward". That is why when Shri Anna Hazare ji selected the portrait of "Bharath Matha" it was aggressively opposed by the mouth frothing pseudo-seculars who thought it was a Hindu conspiracy and would offend the minorities.

When Shri Baba Ramdev was being pulled away by the armed police the demonstrators did not resort to violence and practised Ahimsa and Satyagraha. One only begins to wonder if these values are relevant in today's foreign ruled India. While it is good for PR and appreciation from pseudo-seculars one has to remember that Indian independence was made possible overnight by Bose's INA and the naval mutiny. This convinced the British to leave India forever. 

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