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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Why hide non-Indic names?

I have been noticing this for quite some time now. It is often the habit of people to hide their non-Indic names. For example see list of people below who do this,

1. Arundhati Suzanne Roy is only known as Arundhati Roy
2. Paul Dhinakaran is only known as Justice Dhinakaran
3. Y Samuel Reddy is only known as YS Reddy
4. Vijay Joseph is only known as Vijay
5. Prannoy James Roy is only known as Prannoy Roy
6. Sebastian Seeman is only known as Seeman

These are the people who immediately come to mind. If you can think of any others please do let me know. However I doubt why these people would want to do so. First, they chose to associate themselves with a non-Indic religion because they dint want to be identified with the "pagan" Hindus who worship their idols in dark places with rats. Fair enough, the colonial hangover bug made you convert and we respect your decision. But then why don't you want to proudly flaunt your foreign sounding names and dispose off your Pagan names after all? Am I a bigot who is too narrow minded? But just one look at some of your non-Indic religions inherently hold the non-believers as Pagan, Heathen, Barbarian and mis-guided people destined to burn in hell, correct? Now if you can associate yourself with an ideology like that I am not wrong in my conviction that you are deeply hypocritical.

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