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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Another anti-Hindu bites the dust

MF Hussain is dead! I feel no emotion, no pain or happiness for it would be wrong to rejoice the death of someone who was hated for his paintings, not for violence. At this point I just hope Mr Hussain is re-born as a Hindu and realizes the glory and power of the very Hindu deities he demeaned. I am sure he would feel the pain that Hindus face every time they see a Hindu deity lustfully depicted and then being told to swallow it down with references to the Khajuraho temple. Indeed, since the last 1000+ years, after the heydays of the Gupta empire India and its religions have been facing constant barrage of attacks on intellectual and physical planes. Our temples, Gurudwaras, holy birth places were all struck down but we are told not to complain and recollect these incident as it might "hurt" the minorities. We are told that insulting and abusing everything Hindu, Buddhish, Jain and Sikh is fine but cartoons of Mohammed are wrong and forced conversions is just a myth!

If you notice, these anti-Hindu tyrants like Hussain, Karunanidhi and Jinnah lead very long lives and keep tormenting us without relent. YSR proposed constructing a Church in one of the hills of the Saptagiri but had to die in another holy hill when his chopper crashed.

Mr Dead MF Hussain may you atone for your sins and be re-born a Hindu!

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