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Monday, June 27, 2011

Western Converts are well...ugh!

EDIT: Apparently not clearly defining what a "convert" is in the context of this article has upset folks. I truly apologize if I somehow sent across the message that I meant all "Western Hindus". I did not. By convert, I mean a person who has completely deracinated himself/herself, completely shed all traces of past culture, religion and ethnicity, insulted and humiliated his past culture, religion and ancestors and sings paens of new adopted religion as if it were cure for every ill on the earth and has delivered him/her from all the ills brought about by the previous religion/culture. For all those nice people who have come here and courteously informed me of my hurting their feelings, I apologize profusely!

Westerner Hindu "converts" make me feel sick! Well, I should be happy that they have turned towards Hinduism and all but their completely abandoning their earlier culture and faith goes exactly against Hinduism's true essence. Here in Indic Race we have always ridiculed those brand of converts who abandon their past identities and turn upon their own ancestors, culture and religion. Why is that a westerner who was born and brought up in his own culture have to "convert" to Hinduism and then change his name and attire? Many of these folks actually go on to criticize Christianity and Judaism and speak ill of other westerners as well. Isn't this an anti-thesis to what Hinduism is all about? Its perfectly normal for a westerner to retain his western name, his food habits, his clothing, his religion and traditions and STILL BE A HINDU! They can appreciate the greatness of Hinduism and enjoy the inner peace that it offers without attacking Xtianity or Judaism. I am sure Lord Krishna would be more happy with such folks than the Hindu aping Western converts!

Arent these the same people who abandoned their indigenous religions and converted en masse to Xtianity? They then went on to brand their ancestors "pagans". Shame! Now they run to Hinduism!

All westerns are welcome to Hinduism! But not at the cost of your western culture, religion, traditions and values!

With regards,
Indic Race team


My comment reply to the gentlemen who commented earlier is veryyyyy long and the formatting got messed up. I am posting that inline here with the write-up


At the outset, I want to clarify that I meant Western "converts" and not the Western folks who do not shed their past culture completely or speak ill of their ancestors and their traditions. Check the edit I made to the article and my clear definition on the word "convert". I welcome Westerners to have a open mind to all pagan religions, not Hinduism alone and not give up on their past traditions, culture and EVEN religion. Whilst I encourage Western Hindus (folks who have experienced its glory and believe in its values), I am sickened by the converts. There is a saying in India, it goes like "The most recent convert shouts Allah the loudest". When western converts to Hinduism engage in tirades against their past cultures and religion, now THAT sickens me. So you can see there is no contradiction when I say that I welcome Western Hindus but not the Western converts! Now Tandava ji, I bet you are no "convert". I do not want to go into what you are because, you would agree with me, it's none of my business! Your write-up made for very interesting reading. But in some points I disagree with you completely. They are, as below,

In all your justifications for some of the things you feel, I kept getting reminded of my conversation with converts of many hues and shades and also some of the literature on the internet on "transformation" and "awakening" to other religions. Not that you meant it that way but I just want to highlight the fact that "conversion" and beleiving that "this religion is the best way out there" all reek of Abrahammic overtones and not the truly Sanatana spirit of universal acceptance and acknowleding that there is more than one path and the truth is known by different names (Ekam Sath Vipraa Bahudaa Vadaanti, RV). For example you say, you were "awakened" by Sanatana Dharma. Most of the Christian converts I meet say that they were "called" or "awakened' by Jesus into realizing that he is the only way to salvation and God's kingdom. Your statement on everyone being born a Hindu but whether they are awakened or not is oft used by Islamists who say that everyone is born a Muslim and only the ones who realize that "Allah is the ONLY God and that Mohammed is his last prophet" are saved from the hell fire and on judgement day. Interesting analogies, aren't they? A Western convert may have felt impressed by the ideals and teachings of Hinduism but that is no reason to abandon their past culture and religion correct? I am sure Neelakantha would not be upset if a Christian would pray to him and still feel inspired by Jesus's teachings? Shiva sure is no jealous God is he? Now there are many Hindus out there who would pounce on me and say it is this thought lines from Hindus which weakens us from within and leads to conversion of Hindus to other religions for weren't they the same people who say that all religions are the same? Sure they are the same, thats the reason why I follow Buddha's teachings in my life. I did not abandon Hinduism just because I felt inspired by Buddha did I? When it comes to Westerns I see them as liberals and possessing the intellectual capabilities to be free of fanaticism (of
course the missionaries are always an exception). Hindus can confidently speak of their belief of universality and oneness of religions without fear of being to convert to Christianity or Islam since Hindus claim they are all the same!

How does changing a name or attire change anything you ask? How is it a slight towards one's ancestors you ask? Good question, here comes the answer. If you see Abrahammic faiths, they also double up as political theories and are essentially a means to achieve destruction and subversion of other cultures and proudly proclaim that the "true" religion's message has been spread. Here in India we see converts fake a cheap western accent, play western instruments and eat western junk food. That many people who have not converted also do this is another matter but I do condemn that as well, for their deracination will only weaken the culture and their inherent mindset that everything western is cool! I digressed a bit there. A Christian lady in India will readily pick up a guitar but will flatly refuse to play the indigenous instrument Veena. In Veena she sees the Devil but in Guitar she sees nothing wrong. Do you now see how even the most secular of objects have cultural acceptance quotients to them? That the Indian Christian lady refuses to play the Veena is a victory of a alien faith in destroying the local culture, customs and traditions. That the local Mosque Mullah insists only on Arabic names for Indian or British Muslim children is proof that the local naming practices is treaded upon and the customs of the alien faith are given priority. I do my daily Sandhyavandanam and before me my ancestors have been doing it in a lineage going back thousands of years to our Gothra Guru Shri Kutsav. I drag my lazy butt day in and day out to do Sandhyavandanam in a disciplined manner because in following their examples, traditions and values I let them know of my respect and allegiance to the way of our people. Just imagine if I wear a full suit and go sit in a Church. wouldnt it amount to a slap on the face of my ancestors? Who am I trying to fool?

And frankly, ji, I have never heard of Sattvic clothing. I have heard of food and colours that bring out the best Sattvic Guna in you but never Sattvic clothes. The only clothes which have a Hindu religios connection I know is the complete saffron clothing which is a sign of complete reununciation and liberation from kama and vyamoha. Not sure if you have heard of this, but in India many customs differ between various Hindu groups. It is explained that this is because that based on region the Dharma has subtle differences to it. It is not difficult to see why this is so. A thick clothing is very helpful in the UK but it would boil you to no end here in South India. A man marrying 4 wives in Arabia where frenzied fanatical men were busy killing each other and depleting the male sex population so much that it was but only natural that one man married 4 women ensured some amount of social order. If an Indian or British Muslim man lustfully marries 4 women citing this precedent then it is in bad taste. Will Shiva feel agitated if you wear a shirt and trouser in Saffron colour, after all it is a Sattvic colour, right? You speak of your Guru giving you a name? If your Guru will not be in good terms with you just because you refuse to give up the name you had for a really long time and which contains your family name then your Guru is no sincere man. Is Richard Gere less of a Buddhist just because he is not named Nirvananda? Just assume, if all of UK converts to Hinduism or Islam and name their children with Sanskrit or Arabic names what will happen to the British names, culture and traditions? It will die a natural death. This sir, is what I am dead against, death of cultures, religions and traditions! You say traditions should be preserved it they are Sattvic. That's aking to a Mullah saying everything Unislamic is haraam and should be discontinued. Your ancestors and forefathers had their own vision and understanding of righteousness based on circumstances and societal setup around them and they devised things in a manner which catered to that righteousness. Saying that those traditions and values will be discontinued as they do not cater to the norms set by a religion founded half way around the world is not right! To that end the English language, the western food and even bedtime stories need to be given up as they are not "Sattvic enough.

Sanjeev said that the Celtic religion was just a carbon copy of Hinduism if not Hinduism in itself. I am sorry, but I am reminded of Zakir Naik here. That dude went around saying that Islam is a lot like Hinduism and hence all Hindus must convert to Islam. I know, its a crude analogy but trying to appropriate Celtic religion into Hindu fold by highlighting a few superficial similarities is equally crude in itself, I must say with regret. And the rationale that since a good part of scriptures were lost in Christian frenzy is reason enough to abandon pagan European religions holds very little water. No offence in any of my statements meant Tandava ji, I hope you take in right spirit. But let me explain why, I am sure you know the Balinese Hindus. their traditions and practices of what is also considered Hinduism is very different from the ones mentioned in the various Puranas. But they are still Hindu arent they and no Hindu ever complained that they werent "Hindu" enough. The Sandhyavandanam I do daily is quite different from the one done by a Vaishnavite. Several thousand years ago there was just on Sandhyavandanam. It is Hinduism's greatness that it has evolved with time and region and Dharma being relevant to the people and region without compromising on righteousness. So do I give up on my rituals because they do not match exactly with what was originally done and in its exact form? I am constantly learning new things on the European religions and hope to imbibe many of their teachings in my daily life.

I do criticize local Indian converts from Hinduism to other religions. I view them with great scorn and have criticized them quite often in my blog as sell outs. And then there are people like Jesudas and Gurram Joshua who can be as Hindu as can be even though they were Christians. I agree with you 100% that Hinduism cannot be confined to the Indian subcontinent and I never claimed it to be so. I hope I have replied in a manner which is not hurting in any manner. Any offence felt is unintentional and I apologize profusely for the same.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Afzal Guru's hanging and a few thoughts on Indian Muslims

One of the reasons you often see bandied about in the media on why Afzal Guru is not hanged is that it might upset the Indian Muslim vote bank. Huh? Does it mean that Afzal Guru is supported by the Indian Muslims? Isn't this a direct insult heaped on the Indian Muslims? Here in Indic Race we disagree. Such careless comments not only defames an entire community, it also send across wrong signals to the Pakistanis that the Indian Muslims somehow sympathize for the Jihadis sent across the border by them. No doubt, there are some sections of Indian Muslims who do sympathize with the Jihadis like the Indian Mijahiddeen, the Popular Front of India, the Karnataka forum for dignity, the Hurriyat conference etc. But the average Muslim is least bothered about Pakistan. A majority of the Indian Muslims view Pakistan as a failed state and see no hope in it. the supposed haven for the subcontinental Muslims has turned out to be a haven for frothing Saudi funded Wahabi Jihadis.

Amongst all the din of fatwas and radical sermons by many Mullahs in India, sane voices like Javed Akhthar, MJ Akbar and Maroof Raza are proof that the Indic strain in Indian Muslims  makes them highly immune to the radical Islam ideology. Surprisingly you will find that many of these Muslims still view Hindus and other religion followers as Kafir and on following the wrong path. As long as this view is personal and kept to self there is nothing wrong or illegal about it. I think my neighbour on the floor below mine is a fool and is on the wrong path, I have the freedom of belief don't I? This is not all too different from the Christians who say that Jesus Christ is the only saviour. I often engage in debates with my Muslim friends on how all religions have the same message and each of them is a valid path to God but they never agree and say that Islam is the only way! They scoff at all other religions and outright deny that some verses in Islam is violent and discriminatory in nature. But ask them about Kasab and Afzal Guru and their blood will boil. They immediately say that these Jihadis ought to be hanged immediately. And they are genuine in this.

The Indic strain is indeed a peculiar one. Scores of NRIs in foreign nations never turn hostile against their adopted nations and at the same time never turn hostile against India as well. They gel well into the adopted community and eventually earn the title of model citizens. This is the same strain which pervades the Indian Muslim. He can talk hours and hours on how Islam is the most ideal way of life but will immediately seethe with anger at the very mention of Pakistan. A majority of Indian Muslims are very patriotic but this does not mean that they view some Indic traditions and religions as Haraam and created by the devil's influence :-).

One definitely has to question the logic behind the Indian Muslims clamouring to support the Palestine cause. Why is that they dont support the Hindus in Bangladesh or the Hindus in Malaysia who are being brutally attacked with the same strength as they rush to support the Palestinians? Is it some in built love for the Arabs and if so is this infused in them through Islam? Why dont Indian Muslims rush to support the Aceh Muslims if its just about support to fellow Muslims and not the love for Arabs then? Are co-religionists more important than fellow Indics? Why do Indian Muslims(majority) hate Israel? Is this because of traditional Muslim hatred for Jews or is it that it is because of Israel spanking Palestinians when the Jihadi threat goes berserk? Why do Muslims oppose India's diplomatic relations with Israel? BTW, wasnt it the Muslim appeasing congress which took the first steps to establish relations with Israel? The Indian Muslims will have to answer these questions and their continued silence on these matters is what fuels suspicion in the minds of other non-Muslim Indics.

It will be very difficult for Hindus to forgive the Mapillah rebellion, the Khilafat movement, the extermination of Kashmiri Pandits, the Godhra train burning and the campaign against India's dear friend, Israel. How Muslims strive to allay the fears of other communities in India is to be seen and followed. 

Nobel peace prize for Manmohan Singh? Price is Kashmir!

It is with great sadness and shame that I today blog this write-up on the Indian govt having a special session with Pakistan on Kashmir. Sigh! Here is a direct slap on the faces of our heroes, Shri. Ranjit Singh, Shri. Maharana Pratap, Shri. Shivaji , Shri. Krishna Deva Raya, Shri. Subhash Chandra Bose, Shri. Chandrasekhar Azad and many others who fought so valiantly to protect the borders of our multi-religious and multi-lingual nation. It was with pride that they attached the tag of Bharath on their shoulders. One wonders if the current ruling dispensation has descended from such great and illustrious ancestors. A special session on Kashmir with Pakistan. Oh my Parabrahmana! What's next? A special session on Khalistan with them? What rubbish and unadulterated filth!

Sharm Al Sheikh was the first instance when it became clear to the Indian populace that the current Congress government has no regard whatsoever to the popular public sentiment and had capitulated to the Pakistani demands. Since that capitulation did not satisfy the defeatist ambitions of the Italian Catholic Congress government we now have to witness this another travesty of a sham dialogue with Pakistani which even the common man on the road understands will yield nothing but some sort of mileage for Shri. Manmohan Singh for a potential Nobel peace prize. Which ruling government will willingly have discussions with a hostile neighbour on a piece of land over which it claims it has complete sovereignty. Is it then that Shri. Manmohan Singh believes that India has doubtful sovereignty on Kashmir?

A few more years of this regime will probably see the giving away of large portions of Indian land to hostile neighbours like Pakistan and China. Siachen Glacier, Chinese occupied Kashmir, Pakistan Occupied Kashmir will all be traded away for a nobel peace prize for Shri. Manmohan Singh. A single blade of grass may not grow on Aksai Chin or on the Siachen, but they are part of the Indian territory and our forefathers have in the past sacrificed lives to safeguard and secure them. Indian territory and sovereignty huh? Don't those word sound funny now? We had thrust upon us a de-facto foreign ruler like Sonia Maino. We now have thrust upon us strategic dialogues giving away Indian territory to Pakistan. What's next, we wonder.

May God forgive the sins of our current Government leaders. May Indian history forgive their grace mistakes!

With a sad heart,

Indic Race team

Friday, June 24, 2011

Wily converts and their divide India campaign

I ran into this article by a convert. Converts are brain-washed zombies who are taught to hate the religion, culture and social setup of their own ancestors. In this article I posted a comment, take a look.

There’s no escaping racism in India

My comment:

You are just another convert who has been trained to hate her own nation's culture, ideology and religion. We Indians are aware of missionaries who aim to divide India on religious, caste and other such lines. I am a South Indian and I care a damn about any South-North divide, I love my South Indian brothers and sisters as much as I love the North Indian brothers and sisters. And no, a Punjabi Sikh or Hindu would think just like a Tamilian that secularism is the best while a Paki Punjabi thinks that he is the purest and most Islamic! Din't your missionaries teach you this? Oh by the way, how much did you take to convert to Christianity? a bicycle, some cash, eh? Easy money eh?

Geert Wilders not guilty

Hurrah to freedom of speech! Politically incorrect Geert Wilders has always been right and the politically correct media never could digest that fact!

Here in Indic Race, our hats off to Geert Wilders! May your tribe increase.

Indic Race team

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cheap aping of the US -- Bugs in FM office bring it to fore

I don't believe it. I turn on the television and what do I see? Our own respect Bharatiya Adarsha Nari terming the placing of bugs in FM office as being India's Watergate scandal. I am shocked Sushma ji. et tu? Why do even the most sensible and educated of India fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to the Americans? Why compare ourselves against an inferior culture? They may be richer but culturally they are a no-show. The only worthy equal we ought to be comparing ourselves against is China, let's not forget that. Some of the recent irritants in the media,

1. MF Hussain mentioned as "Picasso" of India
2. Barkha Dutt's power broking conversations being described as "Barkhagate"
3. Live second by second coverage of Obama's visit. Obama who?
4. If navy seals can do it can our own Indian special forces also do it? Do we have the capability? Rubbish!
5. Maniratnam referred to as Spielberg of India!

And a lot more. Pah! What low levels we can stoop down to. Shame!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Go back you rotten immigrants

Apparently some foreigners find it "difficult" to integrate into Indian culture and live and work in India. Well we could not care less! If you cannot integrate and expect western culture in India, we are sorry you wont get it. It is not our fault that we dont have teenage pregnancies or high divorce rates or that we dont drink to socialize. If you cant integrate into our culture and society then the shut up and GET THE HELL OUT OF INDIA! When in Rome be a Roman. So when in India, learn and appreciate (if you are broad minded enough) Indian culture, speak the local language, dress like the locals and socialize like the locals. Dont expect gay pubs or wife swap parties here in India. When Indians visit abroad they gel into the society there and eventually go one to become model communities and citizens. The Indian Americans are a great example of that. But look at some of the westerners who come here to India and rant and whine about conditions here. Well its your fault that you got kicked out of your job back in the west and that you are no longer wanted by your society and that you had to come to India to make a living and sustain yourself. Its not our fault that your economies are bankrupt since you led a life beyond your means and it is not the brown man's burden to support your obese a$$.

So here's the bottom line, to all westerns who b!tch, whine and rant about having to living in India, get the HELL OUT!

Faggot Brits and their royal hag inspired work ethic

Apparently the Brits are upset that Ratan Tata had the gall to criticize their work culture and work ethics. Damn Brits and their work culture are inspired by their royal hag queen who does nothing to pay for her upkeep and relies on a racist, imperial and monstrous legacy to get free money from the Brit Govt for her upkeep. It seems the Tata's employ 45,000 people in the UK. Those could have been 45,000 new jobs in India!! There go our jobs to the UK. Indian managers turned around the sick Jaguar and LandRover brands which were made nearly made bankrupt by their past white managers. It took Indian work ethic and culture to turn around sick western brands! In the past we ruled the Greeks, and in the future we will rule the Brits economically. Invade the Brits, I say, I want a new house maid and I am sure the British queen would make for a good one. Oh and she can earn her keep here in India.

Aussie Racist Joke

I was just wondering, am I capable of being a racist if I wanted to? My heart and soul would never accept to that. Am I not being a racist because I cant think on racist lines? Heck no, I can easily come up with a racist joke. Here is one, its funny but its wrong, coz racism is wrong.

Q: Why did neanderthals become extinct in Europe?
A: Coz they all moved to Australia!

There! I am not a racist, by choice. So to those who think Indians are not racists because they cant think on racist lines or are weak kneed, heck no, we can be mean racists if we want to but our religion, ideology and culture prevent us from being so! Try telling that to the Aussie faggot!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The tiger devours the dragon

Here in IndicRace we don't like India Vs China debates. These are 2 different nations with different histories and ideologies. India and China have been the greatest civilizations on earth from time immemorial and will continue to be so. Whether the Chinese manage to retain the ancient Chinese greatness or become cheap copies of  western culture is to be seen.

There us a "debate rage" on the internet that India will never match up to China since India is a democracy and democracy is inherent with inefficiencies and slowness. One just needs to look at the state of Gujarat in India and realize that this need not be true. Gujarat is a direct challenge to China and has been growing at well over 12% year on year for some time now. Even all of India grew slightly higher than China last fiscal year. Communism is inherent with crime, oppression and hatred and can never be a rival to democracy. Just like communism is no match to democracy Chinese economic growth can never be compared to Indian growth. India grows IN SPITE of all the efficiencies. In India issues are debated and overcome, if the parties don't find common ground the very project or venture is abandoned. In China the speed-breakers and irritants are just plucked away and a few executions happen here and there. 

Finally on Facebook

hi all,

   Finally took some time to create a facebook account for IndicRace. Not fully aware of the functionality available in facebook but there is always time to learn.

IndicRace team

India and a 2 trillion dollar economy

It's official, India is very close to a 2 trillion dollar economy and the next doubling of our economy to a 4 trillion dollar one is probably only 4-5 years away by the most pessimistic of forecasting. But wait, we have been an unofficial 2 trillion dollar economy for quite some time now. The current 1.7 trillion dollar figure does not include black money in the system and I can bet that there is at least 300 billion dollars of black money out there in the Indian economic system. Heck if we can have a 1,76,000 crore scam then the 300 billion dollar figure pales in comparison.

Statistically speaking, in PPP terms, roughly we are easily a 5 trillion dollar economy and have long surpassed the Japanese to gain the third spot in world ranking. With a PPP per capita at around 4500 dollars we are a lower middle income country. Reaching the mid income country status is only a matter of time, if not in 10 years then in the next 15 years. Our Gini co-efficient is not all that bad either, our GINI numbers are better than the Chinese and the Americans and are very close to the Aussies.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

To the Aussies -- From India with Love

Ahhh, our wonderful Aussie friends are at it again. Finally it took an Indian lady to show some manhood and hint towards Australia and aborigines. As a friendly gesture to the warm Australian friends we have drawn a map of your wonderful nation. Please watch with glee and enjoy the love from India.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gora ads on the rise!

Bharti Cement == Surya says that its German technology with a twinkle in his eye. Sad I used to respect this guy! What, everything German is good? Is Nazism a good ideology? After all it came out of Germany.

Lovely Professional University == Falling head over heels to show foreigners in its ads. Bald white guy smiles and parks his ass in one of the University's chairs gleefully. Indian ad watchers gleefully lap it up.

Colgate Sensitive == A dentist "practising in UK" vouches for the toothpaste. You got it all wrong Colgate, you should cast a White Dentist "practising in UK" for it to be in line with the White based Ads in India.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Another anti-Hindu bites the dust

MF Hussain is dead! I feel no emotion, no pain or happiness for it would be wrong to rejoice the death of someone who was hated for his paintings, not for violence. At this point I just hope Mr Hussain is re-born as a Hindu and realizes the glory and power of the very Hindu deities he demeaned. I am sure he would feel the pain that Hindus face every time they see a Hindu deity lustfully depicted and then being told to swallow it down with references to the Khajuraho temple. Indeed, since the last 1000+ years, after the heydays of the Gupta empire India and its religions have been facing constant barrage of attacks on intellectual and physical planes. Our temples, Gurudwaras, holy birth places were all struck down but we are told not to complain and recollect these incident as it might "hurt" the minorities. We are told that insulting and abusing everything Hindu, Buddhish, Jain and Sikh is fine but cartoons of Mohammed are wrong and forced conversions is just a myth!

If you notice, these anti-Hindu tyrants like Hussain, Karunanidhi and Jinnah lead very long lives and keep tormenting us without relent. YSR proposed constructing a Church in one of the hills of the Saptagiri but had to die in another holy hill when his chopper crashed.

Mr Dead MF Hussain may you atone for your sins and be re-born a Hindu!

Incorrect understanding of Indian martial prowess

Everytime I hear someone say that the Muslims ruled India for thousand years I burst out laughing. Similarly when someone says that the British ruled India for several centuries that's one another time I guffaw out aloud. When you hear such statements you begin to wonder why knowledge of one's own history is so alarmingly absent in the Indians. The Indians have achieved many unprecedented things militarily but no one ever cares mentioning them proudly or writing them in our history textbooks. The other day I checked the history texbook of my neighbour's kid of the CBSE curriculum and I was wondering if it was a history book of India or one of Arabia/Central Asia.

Here are some noteworthy and unprecedented Indic military achievements which you will never hear of in Indian textbooks or in Indian media.

1. The Muslim Arabs faced their major defeat in their expansionism in the Battles of Rajasthan. Muslim Arab caliphates were able to overwhelm Byzantines, Persians, Turks, Spaniards etc etc but they were never able to defeat India militarily and Islamicize India. The Rajputs of India united and handed defeats to the Arabs both on land and in sea enough to convince the Arabs to never try another military adventure on India.
2. A south Indian king Samoothiri Raja handed the Dutch a naval defeat. This was unprecedented in that part of Asia where a European naval power was defeated comprehensively.
3. The army of the kingdom of Mysore routed the British army when it used rockets against them. This was one of the rare cases where the British barbarians were defeated in a battle with more advanced arms used by the enemy 0than in the British possession. The British copied the rockets and came up with the Congreve rockets.
4. The Wester Indian Sikh confederate was able to achieve what no western power or for that matter any other power on earth has been able to achieve. To defeat the Afghans comprehensively IN Afghanistan and station an army in Kabul and other cities without being driven out eventually. The Sikhs returned by choice. The greatest general in history, Hari Singh Nalwa struck terror in the hearts of the Afghans and Afghans ended up wearing a ladies outfit by name Salwar Kameez to escape his wrath. That this same dress is still wor n in Pakistan and Afghanistan is a big LOL moment in Indic Race.
5. The Huns who enjoyed victories in many parts of the world were summarily defeated by the Central Indian Gupta empire.
6. Alexander, self-proclaimedly and supposedly "The Great" was defeated by a small Western Indian kingdom under king Porus. The army of Porus was much smaller than that of Alexander but it can be easily seen that if a 30,000 sized army could wreak havoc on the Greeks - what could the 500,000 sized army of the Central Indian Nanda dynasty have done to the Greeks. :D
7. The Central-West Indian Maratha empire was able to defeat the best generals of its time from all around the world. From the Abyssinian generals to Uzbek generals everyone was crushed by the Marathas. Nadir Shah avoided confrontation with the Marathas and sneaked out of Delhi before the Marathas could reach Delhi to help the hapless Mughal emperor.
8. The Mongols were never able to colonize India and do to it what they did to Eastern Europe, Arabs, Persians and the Chinese.

Here's debunking some "facts" errr...lies,

1. The Muslims ruled India for a thousand years.

Muslims ruled parts of India and definitely not for thousand years. The first Muslim attacks (by Arabs) on India happened in the 7th century.They were summarily defeated and sent back to never return again. The next Muslims to taste major success in India were the converted Turks. They stayed put in India for some decades but were eventually replaced by the converted Mongols. It is to be noted that the Mongols during their murderous best were not Islamic and converted only at a later point. The Mughals are crude descendants of the Mongols. The Muslims only had sway in large parts of North-Central India and were held in bay by the Rajputs in the West and the Ahoms in the East. Even though the Rajputs paid tribute and accepted primacy of the Mughals it was always an uneasy relationship. The Mughals were never able to capture South. They were given hell by the Vijayanagara dynasty and then by the Maratha empire. Short lived Muslim dynasties in South like the Madurai Sultanate or the Hyderabad Nizam were all either quickly decimated or made to pay tribute as in the case of the Nizam of Hyderabad. By 1758 Marathas had crossed Narmada and entered Delhi and resoundingly defeated the Mughals. The Mughals from that point had to accept the primacy of the Marathas and paid tribute to them. Further Mughal-Rajput combined adventures were swiftly defeated by the Marathas. That the Indian armed forces today toy with the Pakistani armed forces is testament to the fact that with all conditions equal the Indian Kshatriya can easily own the Islamic Barbarian Ghazi.

2. Hindus-Sikhs never ruled Muslims

By the 1760's Mughal power had largely been decimated and the Marathas were the undisputed rulers of much of India. They reached Attock and were planning to invade the Afghans under Muhammad Shah Durrani. It was not to be, the Marathas lost due to lack of food and supplies but were still able to impose a harsh military cost on Abdali in the 3rd battle of Panipat. Abdali lost so much that he never returned to India. The Marathas lost so much that they were never able to regain their lost glory form then on. By this point Hindu India was able to reclaim most of its land lost to Muslims and had reached the borders of Attock.

The Sikh confederate grew rapidly in the period of Maratha and Afghan weakness and under its powerful ruler Ranjith Singh and general Hari Singh Nalwa and Jassa Singh Ahluwalia even went past Attock and defeated the Afghans and set up camp in Kabul and other Afghan cities. Under the Khalsa, less than 10% of the population, the Sikh-Hindus were able to rule 90% of the Muslims. This is never mentioned by the Muslims who very proudly say that the a minority of Muslims in India were able to rule the majority. LOL to that.

It can be seen that not only did Hindu-Sikh India reclaim all its land that they had lost to the Muslims they also defeated the Muslims comprehensively and made them their subjects.

3. Power was transferred from the Muslims to the British:

This is another nonsensical lie. It is seen in point#2 above that by the time British entered India, the Marathas and the Sikhs ruled the roost and the Muslims were nowhere in the power equation. Worse, the Muslims were under the rule of the Hindu-Sikhs. The power was transferred to the British from the Hindus-Sikhs. You will never read about this elsewhere because you are considered "communal" or not "secular" if you say things like these. Of course it would also "hurt" the minorities.

4. The British easily conquered India:

The British had a very tough time conquering India, this is spite of India being fragmented/disunited after the victory of Hindu-Sikh forces over Mughals and the Afghans. It is common knowledge that the British were militarily weak during the battle of Plassey but won due to deceit. Face to face against a fully powerful united Maratha army (without the third battle of Panipat debacle) the British would have been slaughtered easily. They would not have been able to use the policy of divide and rule in India and the Indians would have defeated the British barbarians as easily as their ancestors defeated the barbarian Greeks.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

There go Indian jobs to the US and Europe

Every time some American would whine about American jobs going to India, I would smile on the outside and cringe in the inside thinking of the thousands of Indian workers whose jobs were snatched away when cheap British goods made in sweat shops in Britain were mercilessly introduced into the Indian market with all import duties conveniently removed by the British during the 1800s. The intent of the move is not very difficult to see. It was obviously to destroy the high quality Indian handicraft industry and replace it with the cheap low quality machine made goods which obviously also took its toll on the workers in the British sweatshops and it eventually led to the rise of that much dreaded murderous ideology, communism. Hence Western barbarianism not only led to induced poverty in India, it also led to the creation of communism. Thousands of INDIAN jobs were taken out of India and the hitherto unknown concept of poverty took mass root in India. Overnight a rich and powerful trading nation was reduced to poverty because of the British Barbarian invasions. White man had this satanic ability to invade formerly rich cultures and reduce them to misery with their blood-thirsty barbarian military campaigns. White man's conquests reminds me of the alien race in the movie Independence day who go from planet to planet to grab resources and exterminate the natives. Wait, with the rise of Christofascism in India and the rising number of sell out converts, the British can be actually compared to the species in the ALIEN movies who attack the host species and eventually rip out of the hapless individual to spawn a new ALIEN being with some qualities of the host and the ALIEN species.

The tide is turning now. The global tectonic plates of power are once again moving towards India and China. India and China are slowly drawing jobs away from the US and UK employing the same tactics as did the British during the 1700s and the 1800s. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG TO WHAT THE INDIANS AND CHINESE ARE DOING. It's called Karma and Karma can be a mighty bitch, the way Americans like to call it. The US and Europe will eventually be sucked clean of all their resources and they will be reduced to poverty and will then have to depend on India and China for their day to day hand and mouth existence into the future. But no, the Americans and the British now whine with no end in sight. They have this feeling of being "cheated" off their jobs by the conniving wily Indians and Chinese. How dare the Indians and Chinese want "Western" jobs. There is one big hole in their argument. Jobs do not "belong" to a particular region, they keep moving and its part of globalization. The first wave of globalization happened during the 16th and 17th centuries when a lot of Indian and Chinese jobs moved to the West, in the second wave of globalization these jobs are returning back to India and China. Irony is also a bitch ain't it matey, eh?

Sigh, India signs a 4 billion dollar deal with the US for the C-17 transport planes and will sign an eventual 10+ billion dollar deal with either the French or the UK-Germany-Spain-Italy combine for the MMRCA deal. Those 14 billion dollars could have generated a lot of jobs in India. It's now our time to whine. There go our jobs to the Americans and British who with their cheap labour are eroding our job markets and sending Indian and Chinese prosperity down the gutter. No, stop, let's not stoop down to their level. We in IndicRace are actually happy that this deal is happening because if this does not shut the western whines down then nothing else will. So you outsource your IT jobs to us and we outsource our military manufacturing to you. It is not that Indians and Chinese cannot manufacture these equipment if they want to, only that it will take longer development cycles given the fact that the West has a longer experience model in designing and manufacturing them. It is not the westerners cannot do the IT jobs, its only that the Indians can do it QUICKER, cheaper and have way better experience in delivering software on a global delivery model than the west.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sushmaji sang the wrong song

Dearest Sushma ji,

      You made a major mistake in singing Indian patriotic songs. I am sure you would have been wildly popular in the congress if you had sung Italian patriotic songs. You would have had the blessings of Sonia Maino herself and Raul Gandhi would have applied the tilak of Rome on your forehead. Sad, you had to make yourself unpopular in the congress and the p-sec circles by singing Bharatiya patriotic songs. I am sure Vande Mataram was one of them and you would have hurt a lot of Muslims also in the process. Your gall in being truly nationalistic and patriotic. In Indian politics being so is a grave and cardinal sin!

IndicRace team.

Vaseline ad for whole body fairness


      It wasn't enough that the Indian corporates came up with the "Fair & Lovely", "Fair & Handsome" brands and one recent ad by Garnier also promised the ability to measure improvements that now Vaseline has come up with an ad which promises fairness for the entire body. Hats off! What's next? A fariness cream to whiten the interiors of your gall bladder and a fairness cream which will make your feel white on the inside too? Another cream to induce white feces?

    Responsible advertising has been hard to find in India all too well driven by the Indian lust for "fairness". Wake up Indics, wake up!

Races of India


        It is very frequent that you hear about how India is a diverse nation with many ethnicities, races and peoples. Ethnicities I can accept in that it has many positive connotations to it but race and people are something which can never be accepted. Biologically speaking India has a single common race right from Kashmiram to Kanyakumarin and from Saurashtram (present day Gujarat) to Kamarupam (present day North East). That's right all of India is from one common race. This has been proven scientifically through DNA studies and all claims of foreign origins of the fair people of India having their roots from abroad have been debunked by scientific analysis. Of most interest is the claim that the Brahmins of India actually originated in Central Asia, this has also been debunked outright by scientific analysis. Archaeogenetics and other related DNA study sciences have revealed many interesting information about the genetic makeup of India. Most prominent fact is that the current "castes" of India actually came about as a result of tribal affiliations and this system was not "imposed" upon Indians by some foreign people as claimed by the Aryan invasion theory. The current Brahmins, Vaishyas, Kshudras and Kshatriyas all were earlier several groups of tribes and it is this tribal affiliation which makes them intermarry within their groups and bond closely.

This also explains the varied skin colours across India. I always wondered how my wife's friend was so fair whilst her sister is slightly darker. This is very common across India. You will find very dark and fair people all across India. You will find both dark and fair people in all 4 varnas (Brahmins, Vaishyas, Kshudras and Kshatriyas). The colour of the skin has to do with skin pigmentation especially melanin content. The climate of the area you stay in has a marked effect on the skin colour. India is a vast land and was inhabitated by many tribal groups. These groups stayed in different places across India and their skin colour was tempered by the local climatic conditions. In course of time many of these tribes moved across India both in the ancient days and even in the recent past. The mixing of tribals and inter-marriages would have resulted in the now varied skin colours of Indians. New research has brought to light the fact that the current population of Australia is slowly growing darker in skin colour due to the Australian climate. In several hundred years don't be surprised to find Brown Australians.

Here in Indic Race we believe that skin colour doesn't matter and that all human beings on planet Earth are equal. Nature has never discriminated between its dwellers and it is only us humans who have imposed the concept of inferiority and superiority on each other. It would be a lie to say that fairness is not in vogue in India. Anyone contradicting it will be a hypocrite. No wonder you see so many "fairness" creams in India. The Germans and the British din't have much of a culture to speak of. Here in Indic Race we have already written posts on the history of these 2 peoples. That they chose to appropriate Indic culture and history due to its greatness and cover up for the glaring shortcomings of their own cultures is lost on present day historians. 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Funny Indian Christian Names

Nothing cracks me up than some of the funny sounding Indian Christian names. Here are some of the funniest ones I have come across,

1. Joshua Janakiraman (this scores highest on LOL factor)
2. Robert Rajagopal
3. Innocent
4. Mercy
5. Nalini Wilson
6. Maria Pitchai
7. Paul Dhinakaran
8. Neelam Matthew
9. Emanuel Saravanan (second on the LOL factor)
10. Baby John

Update: Adding to the list above thanks to Sruni's and others comments

11. Suvartha
12. Samadhanam
13. Infant Raj (:D)
14. Daiva deevena
15. Yesu padam

This one merits special mention,

Geet Ali Jones (LOL LOL LOL, his brother must be named Amar Akbar Anthony or something like that.)

(will keep updating this list)

It is something to the mix of the non-Indic name and the Indic one which makes it very funny. Just imagine Joshua Janakiraman LOL.

Here is a name though that inspires disgust and hatred. Francis Xavier, yup that's him, the mass murderer who committed the gravest of crimes in the name of religion and ordered the inquisition. It is indeed an irony that many Indian Christians name their Children after in spite of being aware of the fact that this bigot murdered many of their ancestors. Stockholm Syndrome at its best. 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Why hide non-Indic names?

I have been noticing this for quite some time now. It is often the habit of people to hide their non-Indic names. For example see list of people below who do this,

1. Arundhati Suzanne Roy is only known as Arundhati Roy
2. Paul Dhinakaran is only known as Justice Dhinakaran
3. Y Samuel Reddy is only known as YS Reddy
4. Vijay Joseph is only known as Vijay
5. Prannoy James Roy is only known as Prannoy Roy
6. Sebastian Seeman is only known as Seeman

These are the people who immediately come to mind. If you can think of any others please do let me know. However I doubt why these people would want to do so. First, they chose to associate themselves with a non-Indic religion because they dint want to be identified with the "pagan" Hindus who worship their idols in dark places with rats. Fair enough, the colonial hangover bug made you convert and we respect your decision. But then why don't you want to proudly flaunt your foreign sounding names and dispose off your Pagan names after all? Am I a bigot who is too narrow minded? But just one look at some of your non-Indic religions inherently hold the non-believers as Pagan, Heathen, Barbarian and mis-guided people destined to burn in hell, correct? Now if you can associate yourself with an ideology like that I am not wrong in my conviction that you are deeply hypocritical.

Baba Ramdev and the sum value of 2 inferiority complexes

In the humiliation meted out to Baba Ramdev, I see the age old trend of everything Bharatiya being trampled upon and everything non-Indic being trumped up. Here is a great man, a great Guru of the ancient Indian knowledge of Yoga being dragged away from his just cause of fighting corruption in this punya bhoomi. The fight against corruption was not to be. Instead the first thing the congressmen apart from frothing at their mouth announced was that Baba Ramdev is associated with RSS and inevitable ended up meaning that he "deserved" it. We will scoff at a later point on the fact that the Italian mafiossi sent the senior congress leaders to "fall at the feet" or Guru Ramdev. Now mention that to the congress fellows and they would not hesitate in saying that it is an Indic tradition of people falling at the feet of learned Gurus :-). Yeah right! Now we have heard it all. Before this Italian act of barbarism were the British ordered acts of lathi charging and shooting at freedom fighters. This tendancy to humiliate Indics is nothing new and is brought about as a result of 2 inferiority complexes. The first is the inferiority complex of the Italians and the British vis a vis the Indic culture and refinement. Indeed, it is said that when compared to Indic philosophers Greeks contemporaries were nothing more than school kids. Let us examine their history and understand why they feel this inherent inferiority complex which drives them to do things like what happened during the freedom movement and what is currently happening with Baba Ramdev.

The Romans as a people were able to form a big kingdom/civilization several thousands of year after their Indian and Chinese counterparts. Before that a significant part of their cultures revolved around village life. Not that there is anything wrong to village life but it baffles us that the Romans and the Greeks took several thousands of years to achieve what the Indians and the Chinese had already achieved. And the gall of the Greeks to say that they were superior to others. I bet thire Chinese and the Indian contemporaries would probably have had a great laugh at the naivette and intellectual vaccuity of the Greeks just like how we today laugh when the Americans say that they are the greatest democracy or that the Sun never sets in the British empire. Short periods of unparalleled wealth and power seems to bring out hollow and vaccuous sense of superiority in the westerners. The Italian mafiossi ruling India essentially come from this  Roman lineage. This lineage essentially is not much to write home about.

the British were worse than the Romans. The Angles and the Saxons moved from the rhine valley into present day England only around the 6th century. These people, along with other tribes are collectively known as the Germannic tribes. At the time they moved into England the Anglo Saxons were nomadic hunter gatherer tribes with little or no knowledge of farming. India was already in an advanced state of decline with its hey days under the Gupta empire coming to an end. The barbarian Huns had made their way through India even though Vikramaditya had handed them an unprecedented defeat during his reign. Death of Vikramaditya brought and end to Indic glory and pride which was never reclaimed in its entirety. So it is seen that the Britishers started on their journey to culture and empire building several thousands of years after the Indians and Chinese and even after the Romans themselves.

It can be seen now, that, given their history, the Italians and the British inherently have a sense of inferiority complex when they see the Indic culture in all its glory and refinement. Be it the languages, the culture, the arts, the science and technology or philosophy the Indians had long before them reached their zenith and had contributed to human growth and creativity.

The second inferiority complex is that of the very Indians themselves. 150 years of british rule was enough to convince the Indics that they were good for nothing and could only advance if they aped the British. The by product of this thought process are a majority of the current Indian Christians who were allured towards christianity by all sorts of deceitful means. I am yet to come across a single convert who had a genuine change of heart. Apart from the race towards aping everything western, the inherent feeling of self-flagellation and its public display to attract towards oneself the admiration and praise of other like minded inferiority complex afflicted pseudo-secular Indians has made its way into the people.

Now the sum value of both these inferiority complexes is what is resulting in the barbarian acts like the one we witnessed yesterday. The Italian/British Mafiossi and the Indian coolies both agree that the India can only be ruled by foreigners (or de-facto rule) and everything Bharathiya in nature and essence is intrinsically evil and "backward". That is why when Shri Anna Hazare ji selected the portrait of "Bharath Matha" it was aggressively opposed by the mouth frothing pseudo-seculars who thought it was a Hindu conspiracy and would offend the minorities.

When Shri Baba Ramdev was being pulled away by the armed police the demonstrators did not resort to violence and practised Ahimsa and Satyagraha. One only begins to wonder if these values are relevant in today's foreign ruled India. While it is good for PR and appreciation from pseudo-seculars one has to remember that Indian independence was made possible overnight by Bose's INA and the naval mutiny. This convinced the British to leave India forever.