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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

There go Indian jobs to the US and Europe

Every time some American would whine about American jobs going to India, I would smile on the outside and cringe in the inside thinking of the thousands of Indian workers whose jobs were snatched away when cheap British goods made in sweat shops in Britain were mercilessly introduced into the Indian market with all import duties conveniently removed by the British during the 1800s. The intent of the move is not very difficult to see. It was obviously to destroy the high quality Indian handicraft industry and replace it with the cheap low quality machine made goods which obviously also took its toll on the workers in the British sweatshops and it eventually led to the rise of that much dreaded murderous ideology, communism. Hence Western barbarianism not only led to induced poverty in India, it also led to the creation of communism. Thousands of INDIAN jobs were taken out of India and the hitherto unknown concept of poverty took mass root in India. Overnight a rich and powerful trading nation was reduced to poverty because of the British Barbarian invasions. White man had this satanic ability to invade formerly rich cultures and reduce them to misery with their blood-thirsty barbarian military campaigns. White man's conquests reminds me of the alien race in the movie Independence day who go from planet to planet to grab resources and exterminate the natives. Wait, with the rise of Christofascism in India and the rising number of sell out converts, the British can be actually compared to the species in the ALIEN movies who attack the host species and eventually rip out of the hapless individual to spawn a new ALIEN being with some qualities of the host and the ALIEN species.

The tide is turning now. The global tectonic plates of power are once again moving towards India and China. India and China are slowly drawing jobs away from the US and UK employing the same tactics as did the British during the 1700s and the 1800s. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG TO WHAT THE INDIANS AND CHINESE ARE DOING. It's called Karma and Karma can be a mighty bitch, the way Americans like to call it. The US and Europe will eventually be sucked clean of all their resources and they will be reduced to poverty and will then have to depend on India and China for their day to day hand and mouth existence into the future. But no, the Americans and the British now whine with no end in sight. They have this feeling of being "cheated" off their jobs by the conniving wily Indians and Chinese. How dare the Indians and Chinese want "Western" jobs. There is one big hole in their argument. Jobs do not "belong" to a particular region, they keep moving and its part of globalization. The first wave of globalization happened during the 16th and 17th centuries when a lot of Indian and Chinese jobs moved to the West, in the second wave of globalization these jobs are returning back to India and China. Irony is also a bitch ain't it matey, eh?

Sigh, India signs a 4 billion dollar deal with the US for the C-17 transport planes and will sign an eventual 10+ billion dollar deal with either the French or the UK-Germany-Spain-Italy combine for the MMRCA deal. Those 14 billion dollars could have generated a lot of jobs in India. It's now our time to whine. There go our jobs to the Americans and British who with their cheap labour are eroding our job markets and sending Indian and Chinese prosperity down the gutter. No, stop, let's not stoop down to their level. We in IndicRace are actually happy that this deal is happening because if this does not shut the western whines down then nothing else will. So you outsource your IT jobs to us and we outsource our military manufacturing to you. It is not that Indians and Chinese cannot manufacture these equipment if they want to, only that it will take longer development cycles given the fact that the West has a longer experience model in designing and manufacturing them. It is not the westerners cannot do the IT jobs, its only that the Indians can do it QUICKER, cheaper and have way better experience in delivering software on a global delivery model than the west.


  1. I don't believe there should be any moral defence of the Chinese. Unfortunately India has no friends, only enemies and China is one of the biggest. It is not a case of India and China vs the "West", it's a case of India vs everyone else.

    I think you should focus on India alone, whose culture and greatness eclipses *everyone* else put together despite the dearth of recognition of this immutable fact. Stop reinforcing the delusional and non-existent Chinese sense of greatness, both historical and contemporary, and recognise them as being our biggest enemy at present.

  2. @Anonymous. You would agree with me that the Chinese are a great culture whose many inventions and phiolosophies rival India's. It is the current Communist china who are a hollow shell and have no claim to greatness. India is the BEST, no doubt but we should not be seen as not giving credit where its due. The Chinese before they were communists, definitely deserve a lot of credit. Take care bro.

  3. Who ever you are. Have a life because in no time when Chinese come to screw your case no one will rescue you. For China has only one agenda to block India in Asia no need to praise them. It may only the West or Euro-American society that may think of rescuing this country. Remember India still depends on West and Arab world for half of what you must have seen today.