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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Aussie Racist Joke

I was just wondering, am I capable of being a racist if I wanted to? My heart and soul would never accept to that. Am I not being a racist because I cant think on racist lines? Heck no, I can easily come up with a racist joke. Here is one, its funny but its wrong, coz racism is wrong.

Q: Why did neanderthals become extinct in Europe?
A: Coz they all moved to Australia!

There! I am not a racist, by choice. So to those who think Indians are not racists because they cant think on racist lines or are weak kneed, heck no, we can be mean racists if we want to but our religion, ideology and culture prevent us from being so! Try telling that to the Aussie faggot!


  1. What ever you racist f**krs saying . Some stupid F**king Indic Race you talking abt.
    Australia is a Mighty nation beter than your Babu Giri and Gunda Giri of MatruBhumi India.

    God Bless Australia n God save your India

    1. shut up dog, fkn roshan kapoor with that name be proud of your race, wanna be white man!

  2. :-), the products of the Macualay education system are so enslaved to their gora masters that even 60+ years after they have left our Jaichands still sing paens on them. For the record, Macualites and Dogs are not allowed on my blog.