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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lull in posts -- Working on some articles and also reading a book


             Of late my blog has been a bit quiet. I am researching material for my new article and I am also reading the book "Breaking India -- Western intervention in Dalit and Dravidian faultlines" by Rajiv Agarwal and Aravind Neelakandan. I promise to post soon. The one article I am working on is "How an Indian can counter a white racist and put him in place'.

 Regards, Indic Race Team

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Asaduddin Owaisi asks all Indians to convert to Islam -- Pakistaniyat in full flow

So on the big fight programme on NDTV, Owaisi shamelessly asks all Indians to convert to Islam. The true . agenda of the Hyderabadi Muslim is out. How much longer does India have to tolerate such bigots who have it easy as the pseudo secular brigade has conveniently given them the "secular" tag apart from the "victim" and "aggrieved" labels. What a shame! We had to have Police action to get the Hyderabadi Muslims to be a part of India. Many of these Muslims were outright anti-nationals and wanted their own caliphate! The razakars were the imposed terrorists on the hapless non-Muslim population of erstwhile Hyderabad kingdom.

And who are the allies of these terrorist scum? It is the con-gress!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mumbai blasts -- Another wonderful product of the 1000 year Islamic onslaught

It just isnt enough that every day we have to hear a new type of fatwa put out by the local Mullahs, every year we have to have a terrorist attack on our national capital or financial centre. sigh! one more blast, thanks to the wonderful friendly local neighbour Pakistani terrorist!


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Refreshing to see a Hindu from Kerala

Of late I felt that Hindus have become extinct in Kerala. All I meet from Kerala in work are Thomases, Johns, Davids, Sayeds, Kruruvillas, Shineys etc etc. Not many Hindus. One guy I recently met had the name Arun which sparked home in me but then I learnt he was Christian and his last name was a Christian one which he dint tell me at the outset! And then I get this friend request from a Hindu from Kerala, wowee there is hope after all and this gentleman replied "Alive and Kicking" which made me feel very good inside. There is hope after all. Oh, BTW I am a regular follower of haindavakeralam. Every language group in India needs to have one of their own.

Aryans landed in the Konkan

The news is out that a 8000 year old civilization has been found in the Konkan coast. Just wondering, how soon will it be before Romila Thapar and Michael Witzel come out and declare that the Aryans first arrived in the Konkan coast and then began imposing their caste system on the "natives". Wait! This can cause trouble as then the DMK party will no longer be able to rouse emotions by speaking against the North Indians as the Aryans are now South Indians. Heck! If the Aryans can cause so much trouble if they never existed, just imagine how much more trouble they would have created if they had actually existed?

You might want to see this post of mine on the races in India. -->

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hurrah! 1000 page views

Hurrah, the Indic Race blog has registered 1000 page views. This is a great moment for us here @ Indic Race. When we started this blog way back in 2009, there was not much activity in terms of posts but now with the count of posts slowly increasing over the past few months the page view count has spiked. Last month alone accounted for over 600 page views. Oh and BTW, the page views do not include views from our systems. We thank you all for your support and patronage. This only reinforces our commitment to ensure non-western viewpoints are recorded on the internet and also Euro-centric history is challenged and relegated to the dustbin some day!

Warm regards,
Indic Race team

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Prahar a counter to the Hatf-9 tactical nuclear weapon?

I was wondering when the Indians would call the Paki bluff on their hatf-9 tactical nuclear weapon. It is not to difficult to see that the hatf-9 is nothing but a MBRLS and any nuclear warhead delivered from a rocket launched off a MBRL system needs to be manufactured with extreme precision and miniaturized to a great extent. At a time when many folks on the various defence forums on the internet question if Pakistan is able to miniaturize its warheads enough to place on a ballistic missile, rocket based nuclear warhead is too much to accept even for the most amateur (like me) of defence followers. Pakistan's nuclear blackmail was suitably checkmated with India's undeclared but well known cold start doctrine. Division after division of tanks and ICVs crossing into Pakistan and bisecting it was giving sleepless nights to the Pakistani generals. They needed another one of their famous ruses to play the good old game of appeasing local concerns by announcing the development of the hatf-9 "tactical nuclear weapon". So they got some cheap Russian reverse-engineered MBRLs from China, big deal! I was just waiting for the Indian army to announce its jhatka which would bitch-slap these Pakistani generals into djinn territory. And it happened. The PRAHAR missile has been announced. Developing a 150 KM missile is no big deal for Mr. Saraswat's men at the DRDO. At a time when India is deliberating developing the AGNI-VI truly ICBM and while many other options exist which can be used in the same role as the PRAHAR, announcing a new missile leaves many without doubt that it is to raise the blood pressure of the alcohol guzzling Paki generals!

Given that cruise missiles are very expensive and large scale tactical use of nuclear weapons, though the stuff of science fiction disaster movies, does not have a direct weapon mapped to it in the Indian arsenal. Yes I did mention that Indian army has other alternatives but those dont come cheap. For example, the Brahmos though having a minimum range limit given its speed costs a fortune apiece. The Nirbhay under development will again not come cheap. Prithvi, Agni all cost an arm or leg and figure more in strategic thinking terms. Hence the Prahar fills up the role that Brahmos and Nirbhay are too costly too fill.

The details of this new missile are sketchy and Shri Saraswat has said that the same launch vehicle could launch the PRAHAR missile with various warhead configurations which pretty much means this is again a MBRL based tactical weapon system. More to come on the Prahar weapon as I analyze it more and post my thoughts here. 

India and the failed states which surround it

It has become common habit for every little weasel nation around us to blame their problems around us. We are one unfortunate nation to have neighbours such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Burma. The only neighbour of ours who is as sensible and logical minded as us is Bhutan and no wonder our relations with them are cordial. Though the Sri Lankans are a progressive people and reasonable they have been blinded by the Buddhist chauvinism and of course the rabid Dravidian minded LTTE are also to blame. India sits as a beacon of hope amidst all these failed nations and is the subcontinent's last hope in reclaiming its past glory. India serves as a role model in the subcontinent on how a secular democracy can flourish in spite of various impediments like Communism/Maoism, Islamic radicalism, Evangelism and of course foreign subversion.

When left alone, it is seen that only India, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Nepal can grow and prosper. Pakistan, Bangladesh and Burma are all consumed by internal poison injected into them either by indigenous sources or from without like China, US, EU or the Arab. We Indians have to put up with whines and rants from our failed state neighbours on how the Indian hand is behind all their problems and have to keep a straight face towards their own internal mess.

Not a day passes off without me smiling at news reports of Paki bravado intimidating the US on the drone flights over its airspace. The Pakis make it sound as if all their problems are because of the US which in actuality everyone knows that it is the Turks to blame for Pakistan's troubles. The Turks invaded India and injected the radical Islam virus in them and they all turned zombies. In this I am reminded of the movie "I am legend" :-). The Paki radical Islamist mindset meant that they never could see solidarity with their Indic brethren and preferred to act all Arab and non-Indic as if that would impress the Indians. The Indians in the meantime were in guffaws over the weird Paki nature and remembered that one famous saying in India --> " The recent convert shouts Allah the loudest ".

The fascist mindset of the Srilankans meant that they never could accept the Tamilians as their own. The Tamils actually contributed to generating such a feeling in the first place. All their Dravidian pseudo-science nonsensical theories of "Tamilagam" and "Tamilanukkendrey oru naadu illai" sowed seeds of suspicion in the minds of the Sri Lankan and Indian rulers and the flames of this movement were actively fanned by the ruling Dravidian administrations of Tamil Nadu. For the DMK, all that was needed was power and they were willing to even side with the Muslims who wanted to partition India. It is not difficult to see what deracination of some Indians from the Indic culture can to do to India itself. A deracinated Indian does not want to see Indian in one piece. The Dravidian mindset of the Sri Lankan Tamils and the fascist nature of the Buddisht Chauvinist Sri Lankan leadership meant that peace was never given a chance in Sri Lanka and conflict always loomed large in this tiny island nation.

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Are we a fanatical secular extremist nation?


            Every time I hear about Pakistan, I am reminded of the frenzied frothing Jihadis who in their love for the adopted Arabic identity wanted to severe their home land and keep a piece to themselves. Thousand years of fanatical Muslim onslaught finally achieved its logical end, not from without but from within. It wasn't some Turkish or Afghan Muslim convert king who wanted an Islamic state drawn out of Bharath but a converted Rajput by name Jinnah who felt greater proximity to the Arabs than his Indic brethren. Indeed, the mind of a convert works in a very strange manner. Overnight they begin to hate their own ancestors, their own history and even their own brethren. Father against Son, Mother against Daughter, nothing is wrong for the convert who wants to appease the ones who influcenced his conversion. After all, it is said in India, the recent convert shouts Allah the loudest. Overnight they stop wearing Indic clothers, stop using their Indic names, stop singing Indic songs and start viewing all Indic dance forms as vulgar and haraam. The Islamic barbarian onslaught on India was not enough to Islamicize all of India, it was not as easy for the Muslims to Islamicize parts of the Indian subcontinent as it was for them to convert our former Zoroastrarian Persian brethren. But Pakistan and Bangladesh did come into existence, fruits of the Islamist labour of allegiance towards the barbarous Arabic desert nomads and tyrants.

           Today in Pakistan, the race is on to prove who is more Islamic and who is more "pure". Wahhabi form of Islam is considered the purest and all other sects like Sufism, Ahmediya, Shias etc are considered haraam. In India a lot of us scoff at the Pakistani strife of ever increasing extremism, intolerance and bigotry. We feel, here in India we are safe from such vile things and that we with our "Secular" credentials are above all that nonsense. Indeed, the race was on in India on who is more "secular" and move away from the Hindu identity of this nation. Even the Hindu identity of the nation was denied and anyone even slightly suggesting that the India of today is made of Hindu, Sikh, Jain, and Buddhist fabric was immediately branded a right-wing activist of worse a member of the RSS/VHP/Bajrang Dal "Sangh Parivar". So what we saw in India and still continue to see on an ever increasing basis is secular extremism to the tune of state secular terrorism in that skewed secularism is being imposed by the Government on the masses. This extremist secularism was so busy in disassociating people from their Hindu/Sikh/Jain/Buddhist identity that it allowed the spawning of the Islamist Kashmir, Christian North East and almost Islamic Kerala problems. Even mere mention of the existence of these problems was enough to pack off the "secular brigade" in a frenzied rabid trance and have the "oppression of minorites" spirit possess them. The media which was supposed to the exorcist for very such situations was found missing. Those who realized the absence of the exorcist and decided to volunteer for the task were branded the devil by the spirit itself and everyone agreed that the spirit was right in its action and the exorcist be damned.

              In this secular extremist environment, the people most hurt were the MAJORITY Hindus/Sikhs/Jains and Sikhs. Indeed, in India democracy is "For the minority, of the minority and by the minority". To the "secular brigade" denouncing everything Hindu and suppressing any semblance of a voice for the silent majority became a "Jihad" and hence for the rest of the course of this article I will term them secular Jihadis, after all the "secular brigade" has great sympathy for the Jihadi cause. To the extent that the secular jihadis work overtime to somehow convey the message that the issue in Kashmir is not an Islamist seperatist movement but one based on the "genuine" feelings of Kashmir who want more jobs, "freedom" and "justice". I just wonder why the many slum dwellers in Chennai do not ask for a seperate nation after all they do not get even a semblance of what the Kashmiris supposedly want and in fact get quite in plenty. It is not without reason that when it comes to per capita income Kashmiris do better than most other states in India because the state is awash with government funds appropriated from other states, money that the Kashmiris did not produce from their state economy. Here the Government wants to play Robin hood but in this case the benefactors are not wronged poor people but a spoilt Islamist population who want the best the Indian state can offer but at the same time owe their allegiance to the Islamist states. And the secular brigade wants to send across the impression that only a minority in Kashmir want freedom and are extremist in their views. Let me be politically incorrect here, nothing could be further from the truth than the secular brigade's views on Kashmir. Let me put it on record, Kashmir issue is an Islamist secessionist movement who took inspiration from the formation of Pakistan and the little resistance from the Hindus in letting go of a good chunk of their territory. The Kashmir problem is as a result of the 2 nation theory to which our supposed nationalist leaders offered token opposition, mostly verbally, but never took any "direct action" to prevent from materializing. A majority of the valley Muslims want independence from India not because of want for "better jobs" and amenities, it is because they think they are different from the rest of the crowd in the nation of India. Being Muslim, they feel they belong to the middle Eastern civilization and not to the Indian nation or of the Indian Muslim tag. A seperate Muslim nation is what they call for. Until the 90's they wanted to be part of that another "pure" nation of Pakistan, but economic chaos and a failed state tag convinced the Kashmiris that they want an Islamic state of their own. Such is the mind of the convert.

        Without doubt, secular extremism is on the rise in India. With their job almost done in Kashmir and with media constantly reporting "alienation and disenchantment due to want of better jobs and economic opportunities" the next job on the hands of the secular brigade is to raise the rouse of the "Hindu extremism". The Hindus naturally do not bite back or issue fatwas and hence are easy target. No secular Jihadi has the cojones to openly challenge fatwas or criticize the Mullahs in India for fear of life and property. No secular Jihadi has the cojones to call the bluff on the Kashmir issue and call the spade a spade. No secular Jihadi has had the cojones to wonder why a major bulk of the Muslim population in India during independence supported partition and went on to create Pakistan. That the Hindus, Jains or Buddhists did not want a religion based nation of their own is too uncomfortable a politically incorrect topic for them to deal with. I just wonder that if India had remained united during independence and if calls for Pakistan had come from the Islamic leaders, would the secular brigade have gone on to term the movement as instigated for the want of "better jobs and economic opportunities"? The secular brigade in India remains intentionally blind to the Islamist secessionist movements across the world from Palestine to Aceh in Indonesia and works hard to ensure the "Islamist secessionist" tag comes nowhere near the Kashmir issue. If it necessitates insulting and heaping allegations on the Indian security forces, so be it, but the Islamic Jihadi is not to be left unsupported. Some secular jihadi members have even had the gall to suggest that the Kashmir problem is a result of the Indian secular high handedness in Kashmir. If this is not cultural and civilizational deracination I am not sure what else is.

        The Hindus of India are a strange lot. Scores of visiting foreigners have ridiculed the Hindus that in spite of being in the majority they are constantly abused and harrassed by the minorities. To add to this Hindu victimization, the secular brigade works overtime to ensure Hindu grievances, fears and ambitions are mocked and made to appear as right wing fascist whines! RSS and VHP/Bajrang Dal are the favourite scapegoats of the secular brigade. The social work and truly secular agenda of these groups is immaterial to the secular brigade. However they have no issue with Dravidian seperatism, anti-Brahmanical stance of the political parties in Tamil Nadu or in UP. They have no issue with the illegal migration from Bangladesh or the anti national activities of the Naxalites. The only public enemy, per them, is Hindu extremism. Narendra Modi can go to hell for his alleged state sponsored pogrom but Dr. Binayak Sen is a national hero. Veer Savarkar is a bigot but Muhammad Iqbal is a saint. Such is the state of secular extremism in India where it is prohibited for a Indian to be openly proud of national heroes like Shivaji, Maharana Pratap, Bappa Rawal, Lachit Bopakhurn, Veer Savarkar etc. Islamic bigots like Tipu and Akbar are called "secular" and the secular brigade flushes with joy when any visiting foreigner is only shown images of Mughal North India as the overall picture of India. Vedic India, Gupta India, Chozha India, Chalukya India all take back seat to the Taj Mahal India. The Danish Islamic cartoons are viewed seriously but MF Hussain is considered a martyr. The banning of islamic minarets in Switzerland is frowned upon but the banning of all other religions in Islamic nations is viewed as normal and even considered as normal. The minaret banning in Europe is considered as a fundamental threat to Indian Muslims but slaughter of Hindus in Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Malaysia is not even given token lip sympathy. In this growing national death dance of secular frenzy, each secular Jihadi see humiliating Hinduism, its leaders and followers as a quick fire strategy to achieve instant success. Baba Ramdev is considered a villain but fatwa issuing bigoted Mullahs are never an issue. The Hindu populace in the meanwhile, in a clueless manner, goes and votes this very secular Jihadi political parties to power. Such is the brainwashing of the masses by the leftist and Congress inspired secular Jihadis that even the BJP is increasingly inching towards minority appeasement to achieve some semblance of a decent results in national elections.

          As minorities grow in number and the Hindu religion shrinks in size the day is not far off when Hindus will have to struggle for their own Israel. The North East is lost to Christians who want many parts of that region for Christ! The rest of North East is already occupied by illegal migrants from Bangladesh. Kashmir and Kerala have long been a lost cause. Many parts of Central India is almost under the control of naxalites and Tamil Nadu has long been lost to Dravidian seperatism. Perhaps in the future, pockets of Hindus in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Karnataka may raise their own struggle for a Israel type Hindu nation. But rest assured that the secular brigade will be waiting with its fangs and claws ready and plot its downfall. 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dharma & Ethics conference

It is such a pleasure to listen to the wonderful thoughts of the intellectual Kshatriya Prof. Balagangadhar ji. My friend from twitter with handle @HinduIDF (Hindu Internet Defence Force) shared this video with me...

Please see all the parts and pass on the message, very informative and gives a good idea of the idea of Bharath.