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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Incorrect understanding of Indian martial prowess

Everytime I hear someone say that the Muslims ruled India for thousand years I burst out laughing. Similarly when someone says that the British ruled India for several centuries that's one another time I guffaw out aloud. When you hear such statements you begin to wonder why knowledge of one's own history is so alarmingly absent in the Indians. The Indians have achieved many unprecedented things militarily but no one ever cares mentioning them proudly or writing them in our history textbooks. The other day I checked the history texbook of my neighbour's kid of the CBSE curriculum and I was wondering if it was a history book of India or one of Arabia/Central Asia.

Here are some noteworthy and unprecedented Indic military achievements which you will never hear of in Indian textbooks or in Indian media.

1. The Muslim Arabs faced their major defeat in their expansionism in the Battles of Rajasthan. Muslim Arab caliphates were able to overwhelm Byzantines, Persians, Turks, Spaniards etc etc but they were never able to defeat India militarily and Islamicize India. The Rajputs of India united and handed defeats to the Arabs both on land and in sea enough to convince the Arabs to never try another military adventure on India.
2. A south Indian king Samoothiri Raja handed the Dutch a naval defeat. This was unprecedented in that part of Asia where a European naval power was defeated comprehensively.
3. The army of the kingdom of Mysore routed the British army when it used rockets against them. This was one of the rare cases where the British barbarians were defeated in a battle with more advanced arms used by the enemy 0than in the British possession. The British copied the rockets and came up with the Congreve rockets.
4. The Wester Indian Sikh confederate was able to achieve what no western power or for that matter any other power on earth has been able to achieve. To defeat the Afghans comprehensively IN Afghanistan and station an army in Kabul and other cities without being driven out eventually. The Sikhs returned by choice. The greatest general in history, Hari Singh Nalwa struck terror in the hearts of the Afghans and Afghans ended up wearing a ladies outfit by name Salwar Kameez to escape his wrath. That this same dress is still wor n in Pakistan and Afghanistan is a big LOL moment in Indic Race.
5. The Huns who enjoyed victories in many parts of the world were summarily defeated by the Central Indian Gupta empire.
6. Alexander, self-proclaimedly and supposedly "The Great" was defeated by a small Western Indian kingdom under king Porus. The army of Porus was much smaller than that of Alexander but it can be easily seen that if a 30,000 sized army could wreak havoc on the Greeks - what could the 500,000 sized army of the Central Indian Nanda dynasty have done to the Greeks. :D
7. The Central-West Indian Maratha empire was able to defeat the best generals of its time from all around the world. From the Abyssinian generals to Uzbek generals everyone was crushed by the Marathas. Nadir Shah avoided confrontation with the Marathas and sneaked out of Delhi before the Marathas could reach Delhi to help the hapless Mughal emperor.
8. The Mongols were never able to colonize India and do to it what they did to Eastern Europe, Arabs, Persians and the Chinese.

Here's debunking some "facts" errr...lies,

1. The Muslims ruled India for a thousand years.

Muslims ruled parts of India and definitely not for thousand years. The first Muslim attacks (by Arabs) on India happened in the 7th century.They were summarily defeated and sent back to never return again. The next Muslims to taste major success in India were the converted Turks. They stayed put in India for some decades but were eventually replaced by the converted Mongols. It is to be noted that the Mongols during their murderous best were not Islamic and converted only at a later point. The Mughals are crude descendants of the Mongols. The Muslims only had sway in large parts of North-Central India and were held in bay by the Rajputs in the West and the Ahoms in the East. Even though the Rajputs paid tribute and accepted primacy of the Mughals it was always an uneasy relationship. The Mughals were never able to capture South. They were given hell by the Vijayanagara dynasty and then by the Maratha empire. Short lived Muslim dynasties in South like the Madurai Sultanate or the Hyderabad Nizam were all either quickly decimated or made to pay tribute as in the case of the Nizam of Hyderabad. By 1758 Marathas had crossed Narmada and entered Delhi and resoundingly defeated the Mughals. The Mughals from that point had to accept the primacy of the Marathas and paid tribute to them. Further Mughal-Rajput combined adventures were swiftly defeated by the Marathas. That the Indian armed forces today toy with the Pakistani armed forces is testament to the fact that with all conditions equal the Indian Kshatriya can easily own the Islamic Barbarian Ghazi.

2. Hindus-Sikhs never ruled Muslims

By the 1760's Mughal power had largely been decimated and the Marathas were the undisputed rulers of much of India. They reached Attock and were planning to invade the Afghans under Muhammad Shah Durrani. It was not to be, the Marathas lost due to lack of food and supplies but were still able to impose a harsh military cost on Abdali in the 3rd battle of Panipat. Abdali lost so much that he never returned to India. The Marathas lost so much that they were never able to regain their lost glory form then on. By this point Hindu India was able to reclaim most of its land lost to Muslims and had reached the borders of Attock.

The Sikh confederate grew rapidly in the period of Maratha and Afghan weakness and under its powerful ruler Ranjith Singh and general Hari Singh Nalwa and Jassa Singh Ahluwalia even went past Attock and defeated the Afghans and set up camp in Kabul and other Afghan cities. Under the Khalsa, less than 10% of the population, the Sikh-Hindus were able to rule 90% of the Muslims. This is never mentioned by the Muslims who very proudly say that the a minority of Muslims in India were able to rule the majority. LOL to that.

It can be seen that not only did Hindu-Sikh India reclaim all its land that they had lost to the Muslims they also defeated the Muslims comprehensively and made them their subjects.

3. Power was transferred from the Muslims to the British:

This is another nonsensical lie. It is seen in point#2 above that by the time British entered India, the Marathas and the Sikhs ruled the roost and the Muslims were nowhere in the power equation. Worse, the Muslims were under the rule of the Hindu-Sikhs. The power was transferred to the British from the Hindus-Sikhs. You will never read about this elsewhere because you are considered "communal" or not "secular" if you say things like these. Of course it would also "hurt" the minorities.

4. The British easily conquered India:

The British had a very tough time conquering India, this is spite of India being fragmented/disunited after the victory of Hindu-Sikh forces over Mughals and the Afghans. It is common knowledge that the British were militarily weak during the battle of Plassey but won due to deceit. Face to face against a fully powerful united Maratha army (without the third battle of Panipat debacle) the British would have been slaughtered easily. They would not have been able to use the policy of divide and rule in India and the Indians would have defeated the British barbarians as easily as their ancestors defeated the barbarian Greeks.

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