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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Australian barbarian Ad

OK. Now there is a new set of ads in which Indians canvas for Australia in the visit australia ads. One Indic lady goes as far as saying that one should come to Australia to "Really" live life. Oh poor bigoted me, why on earth can't I see it with a broad-minded "secular" approach like the rest of 'em roach psuedo-secs that there is semantics to it and not to be taken literally. Yeah right! Us Indians don't know how to "really" lead life do we? We need the Aussie barbarians to teach it to us and to do that we need to visit a beautiful land once owned by native "real" Australians and in a grotesque barbarian manner snatched from them by the "wonderful real-life-living" White barbarians. The indigenous population of Australia were a beautiful great people but no, Karma dictated that they would face extermination at the hands of the "wonderful" white man who would teach them how to "really" live life, in another birth though. If the diseases brought in by the white barbarians wasn't enough the "wonderful humanity" of the invading whites was the final blow to the natives who really were exterminated and I use the word in its literal sense.

So, now that the natives no longer can live the "real" life as they were all murdered, why not us Indians not learn the wonderful virtues of "really" living it up, eh? And what life is it? You mean adventuring over the unburied remains of the natives or the now destroyed dwellings of theirs? In that place where little indigenous children played around with themselves watched over by their loving parents now resides the "playgrounds" of the barbarians. And now they have ads to them to draw other people in. Wonderful isn't it?

Wait, when do the Indians get shot? After the fun ride on the beaches? Sure, they are not racist in nature, those confessing police officers and ministers don't know a damn thing. So we Indians in Australia get to have our life snatched away after we have had this short "really" life?

My dear native indigenous Australians, we Indians grieve for you and are proud of your resilience and tolerance to these modern day rakshasas who now rule over you, throwing open the "real" life to others. You are one of us and we are one of you. Your culture no longer exists, but believe me one day I will review it for you and let the world know how great your culture and people were.

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