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Friday, May 27, 2011

Japanese and the nuclear fallout


        Post the nuclear issues in Japan brought about by the earthquakes and tsunami, international sympathy flowed in and everyone had kind words to say to the Japanese especially on how resilient they are or on how orderly their conduct was during the crisis! I agree, we completely support the Japanese in their struggle against the odds and stand by them during their hour of crisis and need. Now that the crisis has pretty much toned down in its ferocity and the Japanese have been able to bring things almost back in control, I will now share my thoughts on the incident.

      Post the 1998 Pokhran nuclear tests carried out by the Indians, the Japanese were frothing in the mouth running around advising on the "ethics" which discourage nuclear tests. Punitive sanctions were imposed and Japanese quickly scrambled on to their moral high horse. And if you thought it was the Japanese government alone putting up the sham altruism then I have some news for you, ordinary Indians in Japan were refused accomodation/renting of home in Japan by the Japanese commoners. This was because the Indians had "endangered" the world by their irresponsible nuclear tests. Fair enough! The moral high horse is indeed a tall animal. Come 2011 tsunami in Japan and half the world got a taste of harmful radiation let out by the Japanese. Now what do we have to say about it? Well, the post mortem concluded that the issue came about as a result of lack of proper maintenance by the Japanese engineers/maintenance personnel in the nuclear plants. I am not going into the specifics of which plant it was or which location it was mainly because it does not matter. What matters was that incompetence/negligence by Japanese engineers/technicians/personnel brought about the nuclear radiation leaks and which spread across half the planet. Now, you did not see Indians climbing onto their high horses did you? We did not curse the Japanese and deny them housing in India, did we? This my friends seperates the Japanese from the Indians.

      If you are now thinking that the Japanese reaction during 1998 was brought about by the fact that they had direct nuclear attacks on them by Americans in 1945 and there is no one better than them to understand the pain that nuclear weapons inflicts on people then think again! They were no saints before the nuclear attacks. One has to read their conduct during their WWII campaign in Burma and China and if you feel shocked then get yourself a "comfort woman" like the Japanese Generals got for their soldiers by forcibly kidnapping native women. So are we saying that the Japanese deserved what they got in 1945 then all we say is that pain yields pain and crime yields crime. What you sow is what you reap. In the East it is a multi-thousand year concept called Karma. The Japanese follow Buddhism which revolves around Karma so it is not that they did not know! That they created Zen Buddhism to disassociate from anything authentically Indic is another matter. All we say is that Japanese are no saints and they have just about enough credibility to lecture on altruism and ethics as do the Australians, Pakistanis or Americans. And for all their nuclear weapon experiences why on Earth do they have nuclear power plants in Japan? The fact that the Japanese don't have nuclear weapons has to do with the fact that they are on a tight leash by that other "ethical" altruist nation, the US. If Japan had won the second world war then this article would have been in Japanese praising the emperor on having survived the nuclear leak without a scratch on his royal Japanese lineage butt!

     For all the Indian journalists who frothed in their mouth and started hopping mad that Indian nuclear reactors are unsafe if a tsunami were to strike us then get this into your brains, Kalpakkam survived the tsunami without a scratch due to a well thought design for an auxiliary generator to cool the plant whilst everyone knows what happened to the Japanese power plants. Whilst us Indians are quick to jump on our own and term out workers as lazy/lethargic and incompetent, to them, I point the Japanese personnel whose incompetence caused the nuclear leakage fallout.

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