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Sunday, May 15, 2011

American Tourister Ad


I have this idea for a new ad line for American tourister. This time the "hassled" Gora guy travel in US itself, not in the dark, uncivilized Pagan lands but in the land of "freedom". So this guy gets into the New York subway with his "truly" American luggage. Since we in Indic Race are highly liberal with Barbarians we give this Gora guy the choice of another barbarian brand by name "Carlton". Ah yes, matey that "So English" luggage. In the sub, the gora is first attacked by Black groups with knives. Next, he is hassled by a homosexual group who are liberal on the vaseline. America you see, land of plenty! Then the gora guy recovers and is attacked by a group of "Ku Klux" folks for having had some "sort of interaction" with black guys earlier. Finally we finish the ad with a group of Hispanics throwing him out and his "American tourister" luggage out of the metro. Ahhh! Truly American eh? Melting pot of errr..peoples. The freedom and the liberty, it just drills its way into you, the vaseline notwithstanding!

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