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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Australians living in glass houses should not throw stones at Indians

You really have to credit the Australians. I would categorize them as the most barbaric of cultures (well if you could call it one). When they act all civilized and polite and "accepting" it is hard to keep a straight face and think of all the crimes that these descendants of convicts have perpetrated in the last 200 years of their miserable existence. That not many native aborigine Australians survive today to tell us of these crimes is another matter. The Australians of today will give the British, the Americans and the Soviets a run for their money when it comes to cruelty meted out under the cloak of sham altruism. We will keep this topic aside, now let us discuss the main topic of Australians and their concerns on India especially after the Japanese nuclear crisis. If the technologically advanced Japanese struggle so much what would the lowly Indians do they asked in one of their online news articles I remember reading, I will post the link as soon as I run into it.

Now in that sentence where we are compared with the Japanese 2 things stand out.

1. First is that Australia is by genes racist and there is no denying it. It constantly tries to pass off as a first world nation and tries to come across as a technologically advanced nation which honestly it isn't! Worse in technical innovation, it has fared worse than India when the 200+ years of Australia's history is compared to the 60+ years of Independent India. Let us not go anywhere near comparing pre-independence India with Australia's ancestors who were hunter gatherers as recently as the 4th century when India was at the zenith of its cultural and military might. We will come back to the topic of technological innovations by Australia and post-independence India but first let us examine the roots of why Australia would want to portray India as the economically and technically poor nation. It is not just the Australians alone, even the Brits routinely do it. It is hard for these people to fathom that India in its 60 years of post-independance history would rise among the comity of nations and manufacture everything from the sewing needle to advanced nuclear reactors and aircraft carriers. When India built the nuclear submarine Arihant, British were upset just by the reason that they would keep saying that Britain is technologically more advanced than India because they had built a nuclear submarine but the under water launched missile of the Indians was just a beginning. When Australia portrays India as technologically weak nation and a poor one at that it sort of gives them the first worldly feeling that they so eagerly desire. It also deflects attention from their own pathetic record of technological innovations in their entire history, when I once asked an Australian what they greatest scientific output was he replied that it was the penicillin! I will leave you to read up info on the penicillin and how it was an appropriated invention by an Aussie :D. Now then you would ask, why do the Australians acknowledge Japan as a major technical power as that would go against our theory after all the Japanese aren't "white" enough. It is a constantly repeated lie in the entire western hemisphere that it was the west that "modernized" Japan and the industrial revolution was brought about in Japan by the West (West being whites by de facto). Now I am not going to go about debunking this absurd and baseless theory, suffice to say that the Japanese were more advanced and civilized way before the Whites got out of their caves and on to town dwellings. Japan is on a leash held by the West. India is not. India has its own sovereignty, the Japs do not. India is to be hated and brought within a leash. The Japanese no longer wish to be the alpha-male, the Indians do as do the Chinese so they are to be hated and a slander campaign started against them with the full might of the powerful Western media.

2. The Australians are in an embarrassing manner, exposing their ignorance of nuclear technology when they say that the Japanese are far advanced while the Indians are not. It has to be readily acknowledged that the Japanese as a technological power has been far advanced to India in the last 150 years. Most of the world's cutting edge comes from Japan but wait it ends there. When it comes to nuclear technology and know-how Indians are at a par with the Japanese and in some cases even ahead of their Buddhist brethren. In fast breeder reactors India pretty much leaves behind all other nations, not the Japanese alone. The Kalpakkam nuclear plant survived the 2004 tsunami without a scratch due to a well thought of positioning for the auxiliary cooling generator whilst the Japanese design gave way. The Australians on the other hand are nowhere in the technological map, for that matter not in nuclear field alone. Till date Australia hasn't had one meaningful innovation of scientific importance which could radically alter the world. Heck, no Australian car brand runs in India whilst 2 Indian car brands and a tractor brand are actively clamouring for market space in Australia. The Australian armed forces are a joke and they cannot even man their navy completely. Whilst India has produced nuclear reactors, human space launchers, dozens of satellites, heavy launch lifters, nuclear submarines, fighter aircraft, aircraft carriers etc etc puny Australia hasn't managed to produce any of these at all. They live on reflected glory off the British and the Americans and so eagerly brand themselves a first world nation when their scientific output is zilch compared to any other decent first world nation. Australian living standards is brought about by 200+ years of conflict free development and India in this same period of comparison would be far ahead of Australia in the same time period. When the Australians froth at their mouth proudly proclaiming this point, when they are reminded of the point I raised they just quieten down and say they are talking of the present! Indeed the Australians would love to dwell in the present as their past isn't much to write home about especially the part on the convict genes. With Indian GDP promising to double every 7-8 years it is not difficult to see that Indian standards of living will reach Australian levels in the next 40-50 years, brought about by 110 years of conflict free development whilst the Australians took more than 150+ years to do the same. Plus the Indians in their 60+ years of post-independence history have developer more cutting edge first world technology than the Australians have!

We rest our case!


  1. is this a joke?

  2. No but Australia is one big joke of a nation! btw, instead of showing your intellectual vacuity by typing one liners, can you dispute which facts you find are a "joke"? Can you?