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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ashamed of our Rulers


So Rahul Gandhi is "at times" ashamed of India, eh Babu ji? You half-barbarian no-good of a Italian bandicoot, we Indians are most ashamed of you. It wasn't enough that we have to constantly face the shame of our de-facto ruler being a barbarian, we also have to put up with the rants of a hybrid Babu! PPah! What has Bharath come to? What next?

Raul, the only thing going for you is that you are half-Indian. For that and that alone there will be a grudging acceptance of your presence in this nation and especially its politics. Your mother was hounded out, ironically her latest flirting is with Jayalalitha who was most prolific in calling her Italian bluff! You really are some dude eh? You don't know if you are Indian or if you are Italian! You don't know if you are a "Pagan" worshipper of dark-idols or a follower of that oh-so-civilizing desert religion which goes by the name Christianity. Just that the clarity factors of your breed is high, you are half Kashmiri as well. That piece of land which was the fountainhead of our Bharath is today half eaten up by Barbarian forces both from without and from within. Now you just have to be a roach pseudo-secular, don't you? And continue betraying your own people most of whom live in abject poverty in Delhi's shanty camps whilst you rest in your air conditioned bungalows funded by the Indian tax payer whom your parents are so very accused of betraying right from the bofors deals to the latest MMRCA deal. All you have is not due to your hard-earned money but of the tax-payers of this great nation which puts up with people like you and your Italian Missionary-Mafiossi mother.

Shame! We Indians never learn. Right from the Greeks to the Mughals to the British and now to you and your Mom we have allowed Barbarian upon Barbarian to rule this great punya-bhoomi. Why don't you do us Indians a great favour and get the hell out of this nation and to your Italian Mafiossi state eh? Please, I hope that one bit of altruism that your half-baked Indian genes would have endowed in you would convince your Barbarian mind into what would be considered a favour by us Bharatiyas. Out you barbarian!


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