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Friday, May 6, 2011

The Sri Lankan debate


Hope you are doing well. It is often in the newspapers and in tv channels that you read or hear about the great Tamil-Sinhalese divide. People term it as such these 2 "people" were of different ethnicities. Reality Check! They are not. They are both from the same subcontinental stock! The Sinhalese are generally believed to have been the descendants of 2 different groups of migrants. The first came long long long back. These are the same people who had inhabited Lanka in the time of Ramayana. They were Dharmic in nature. These people were very much from the subcontinent. The second migration wave came after the beginning of Kaliyuga. It is said that an Indian price Vijaya and his followers brought Buddhism to Lanka and settled down there mixing and inter-marrying their already settled brethren there. Again they remained Dharmic, Buddhism dominating Lanka. It is now not difficult to see that the present day Sinhalese are part of the Indic race as are the so-called "Tamils". Now, here are two groups of people of the same Indic race, 2 Dharmic people, 2 long lost brothers sharing the same cultural heritage of the beautiful civilization of India and yet choose to bicker over petty differences all in the name of "ehtnicity". Ironic isn't it?

Some say it is the a clash of Sanatan Dharma with Buddhism. A theist religion versus an-almost atheist religion. What rubbish! India has always been a civilization where religions peacefully debated amongst themselves without violence. Remember Shri Adiguru Sankaracharya versus Shri Mandana Mishra? There was simply no room for violence in India over religion until the Abrahammic religions arrived. It is common knowledge that both Sanatan Dharma and Buddhism are the most peaceful of religions. For heaven's sake many people in South Korea refuse the draft as they say they cannot indulge in violence! So it can be seen that this arugument of Hinduism and Buddhism can also easily be dismissed.

So here is a clear message to the "Sinhalese" and "Tamils". Cut the crap! You are one people goddammit. You share a glorious history and culture which are 100% indigenous Indic! Stop the violence and cherish your common heritage. Indic civilization beckons both of you!

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  1. "HELPING TO DEFEAT RACISM AGAINST INDIANS " - this is akin to teaching your father how to have sex. The Indian ethos includes racism as defined by its caste system. How can we disassociate the two. As a south indian Brahmin I consider myself superior to all the sudras. My culture taught me so