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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

West's undying racism and narcissism

We in IndicRace go to great lengths to emphasize equality of all races and all human races are part of one great family! There is no scientific evidence out there to refute it. Science has proven that in times of famine and great hardship entire populations see a decrease in the IQ and should prosperity be back the IQ jacks up again. Somehow the west never did understand it. Same is the thing with civilizations which have crests and troughs. The Ethiopian kingdom and much of West Africa had reached their heights even before Greece and Rome and were sea faring nations with a cultural legacy to be proud of. There many other states in Africa which have some very interesting periods in their history to be very proud of and we in IndicRace are impressed and admire their greatness. We will also be reviewing their cultures over time. What is very disheartening to see is that the West has a greater share of the racist attitude pie than the others.

In the West I was treated to great courtesy, politeness, warmth and care. Believe me, 99.99% of westerners are not racist. In fact some of them are so nice and genuine I often wished we Indians could learn from them. Not that we Indians are not nice or genuine but I was talking in the context of manners and etiquette. Holding the door for others, not spitting near the legs of the other person, an occasional hello to a stranger etc. There is a minority in India which does this but we in India have different ways to express warmth, love and compassion than the westerners. We, however can definitely improve on the etiquette part. But there is this little minority in the West which are racist to the core and hate all other races. So much so that there is even white on white racism, Slavs are discriminated against. I know of a Slavish friend whose ancestors had to change their last name to a more Anglo-Saxon sounding one, when they emigrated to USA, in order to be accepted by the Americans already living there, perhaps fearful of this bigoted minority I just mentioned about. 

So I run into this guy in youtube in a video where he was wondering why the "negros" never did ever advance or develop. I smiled and felt sorry for this guy, one for his bigoted brain and the other being his poor knowledge of history. I let him know of African greatness while Greece and Rome were still boat faring small towns and villages. It was too much to take for him and he took refuge in a sham dismissive attitude backed by hopeless sarcasm. There is something to these racists, they somehow end up feeling that one race is better than another due to current temporal factors and environment. For example China was a poor nation in the beginning of the 20th century but just go back in history and see how it outclassed every other Western culture and civilization out there in its time. It is said that had the Chinese wished they could have easily defeated all European navies in the early part of the millenium on strength of their advanced technology, would you believe it, missiles fired from Chinese ships which could hit other ships? And just see how Chinese were looked down upon in the US in the early part of 20th century? Today the Chinese, albeit under a cruel communist dictatorship has risen again and threatens to swallow the west. Now you see a quiet grudging respect for the Chinese in the US. Indeed history is witness to the fact that strength respects strength and all else is secondary. Suddenly the Chinese are no push-overs anymore. Strange eh? 

By the way this is the video in youtube I was referring to and do check out the comments section,

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