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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

British or German, we care a Churchill-Hitler's rat's **** about them!

OK, continuing with the ads. 2 new ads caught my Indic eye!

1. Carlton, the all British Luggage
2. Hettich, German quality you can trust

Let's blow apart#1 above before we move to #2 , eh?

Carlton, the all British Luggage. Golly Mate, us Brown Indians get to enjoy "real" British luggage. Ah, swell indeed matey, eh? Move over your Brit faggots, we care a damn about your luggage. And one kick in the brown rear of VIP who are putting out these ads. Aren't you ashamed when you brain-storm such ideas in your ad agencies? What would make you stoop so low to come up with such ridiculous ideas? Money? Money that drives the colonial hangover in you? What's so cool about being British anyway? Eh? That they were a yester-year super-power who are now reduced to a third rate power well on its way to bankruptcy? So about 300 years of military and economic dominance by "Great" Britain is sufficient enough for you to "hero worship" them? to be in awe of them? To be mesmerized by them? Wait, Indians and Chinese dominated the world for much of human history, how come you are not in awe of them? How come you don't model your luggage against their name? This calls for some introspection by the Indian ad agencies.

Aez, nuv to zhe Deutsch brand eh? Achtung! Hettich is German quality we can trust? Errr, wait a minute. The Germans were real **** some 80 years back and they tried to appropriate our Indian history, culture and even genes. So are these the people whose qualities we can trust? :-) East German quality was the worst, so do we selectively trust only the products from the West German stables? Why are there already so many "ifs" to trusting German quality. These people were hunter gathers as recently as the 3rd-4th century. Cannibalism was found in the caves of Bonne well after the Indians had their Vedas and the Buddhas. What quality can we expect from a people who took several thousand years after others to completely civilize? NO, we don't trust German quality or their qualities. They are another one of the "mutt" cultures. Sorry!

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