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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Asaduddin Owaisi asks all Indians to convert to Islam -- Pakistaniyat in full flow

So on the big fight programme on NDTV, Owaisi shamelessly asks all Indians to convert to Islam. The true . agenda of the Hyderabadi Muslim is out. How much longer does India have to tolerate such bigots who have it easy as the pseudo secular brigade has conveniently given them the "secular" tag apart from the "victim" and "aggrieved" labels. What a shame! We had to have Police action to get the Hyderabadi Muslims to be a part of India. Many of these Muslims were outright anti-nationals and wanted their own caliphate! The razakars were the imposed terrorists on the hapless non-Muslim population of erstwhile Hyderabad kingdom.

And who are the allies of these terrorist scum? It is the con-gress!

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  1. Asaduddin owaisi is right all indians should embrace islam.