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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

India and the failed states which surround it

It has become common habit for every little weasel nation around us to blame their problems around us. We are one unfortunate nation to have neighbours such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Burma. The only neighbour of ours who is as sensible and logical minded as us is Bhutan and no wonder our relations with them are cordial. Though the Sri Lankans are a progressive people and reasonable they have been blinded by the Buddhist chauvinism and of course the rabid Dravidian minded LTTE are also to blame. India sits as a beacon of hope amidst all these failed nations and is the subcontinent's last hope in reclaiming its past glory. India serves as a role model in the subcontinent on how a secular democracy can flourish in spite of various impediments like Communism/Maoism, Islamic radicalism, Evangelism and of course foreign subversion.

When left alone, it is seen that only India, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Nepal can grow and prosper. Pakistan, Bangladesh and Burma are all consumed by internal poison injected into them either by indigenous sources or from without like China, US, EU or the Arab. We Indians have to put up with whines and rants from our failed state neighbours on how the Indian hand is behind all their problems and have to keep a straight face towards their own internal mess.

Not a day passes off without me smiling at news reports of Paki bravado intimidating the US on the drone flights over its airspace. The Pakis make it sound as if all their problems are because of the US which in actuality everyone knows that it is the Turks to blame for Pakistan's troubles. The Turks invaded India and injected the radical Islam virus in them and they all turned zombies. In this I am reminded of the movie "I am legend" :-). The Paki radical Islamist mindset meant that they never could see solidarity with their Indic brethren and preferred to act all Arab and non-Indic as if that would impress the Indians. The Indians in the meantime were in guffaws over the weird Paki nature and remembered that one famous saying in India --> " The recent convert shouts Allah the loudest ".

The fascist mindset of the Srilankans meant that they never could accept the Tamilians as their own. The Tamils actually contributed to generating such a feeling in the first place. All their Dravidian pseudo-science nonsensical theories of "Tamilagam" and "Tamilanukkendrey oru naadu illai" sowed seeds of suspicion in the minds of the Sri Lankan and Indian rulers and the flames of this movement were actively fanned by the ruling Dravidian administrations of Tamil Nadu. For the DMK, all that was needed was power and they were willing to even side with the Muslims who wanted to partition India. It is not difficult to see what deracination of some Indians from the Indic culture can to do to India itself. A deracinated Indian does not want to see Indian in one piece. The Dravidian mindset of the Sri Lankan Tamils and the fascist nature of the Buddisht Chauvinist Sri Lankan leadership meant that peace was never given a chance in Sri Lanka and conflict always loomed large in this tiny island nation.

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