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Sunday, April 17, 2011

FAQ on this site


Let's set some context shall we? What is it that this site (and of course its creators) believe in terms of the overall human race? Is the site racist? Are the creators racists? Are we bigots who toe the cheap line of inferiority and superiority amidst human races? We use the word race, so do we believe in the basic premise of a race? So are we saying that there are some races which are inherently superior to others? Can one person belonging to one race be superior to another person from a different race just by virtue of his genes? Let's approach these questions one by one shall we? Here come some FAQ's

Question # 1: Is this a racist site? Do the blog creators believe that the Indians constitute a supreme race of human beings?
Answer # 1: The answer in short is an overwhelming NO! All of us belong to one race, the human race. We all belong to one family, the Human Family.
Question # 2: Why do you use the term Race in your blog's title? What does Race actually imply?
Answer # 2: The word race has many connotations to it. In scientific parlance the outright use of the word is taboo and scientists and researchers in the various fields like genetics and archaeo-genetics go to great pains in first setting the context of the word in question and then proceed about using it in their literature. Generally, in common use around the world, a race could denote a group of people of the same religion, language, DNA, culture and geographical affinity. Race in the context of this site is basically a mixture of culture and geography. People following the Indian cultural traditions, faiths, belief systems and ethos constitute the Indic Race. India is a melting pot for many DNA haplogroups, most of which originated within India. When we say the Indic Race, we include the entire population of India, right from Saurashtram to Kamarupam to Kashmiram to Kanyakumarin. You will see that in this site the words culture, civilization and race are used interchangeably. You will need to get used to this.
Question # 3: Well then what is this site/blog for?
Answer # 3: This site/blog is dedicated to all Bharathiyas who are proud of their culture/ancestry and have no inhibitions in declaring so openly. Political correctness, I am afraid, is something you will not run into in this site. As part of the various activities on this site, we will routinely compare the Indian culture to other cultures and establish its supremacy.
Question # 4: So are you saying that the Indian culture is supreme? All others are inferior? Isn't that a chauvinist mindset hence bordering on bigotry in a sense?
Answer # 4: Yes and No. Yes that the Indian culture is supreme. So is the Chinese culture but just one notch below the Indians. This site actively supports the assertion that Indians and Chinese have the best cultures in the world and all else are inferior to these. In upcoming posts we will mention why we feel so. And the No is for the part for the question which asks if we are bigots and promote bigotry. The core doctrine of the Indian culture is Vasudaiva Kutumbakam and we actively believe in it. We will leave it up to you to go find out more of this concept.
Question # 5: How do you say a culture is superior to another?
Answer # 5: A culture/civilization can be judged on terms of its longevity, its soft power, its military, scientific/technological and spiritual track record across its existence. In upcoming articles on this blog we will establish why the Indian and Chinese cultures are far superior to other cultures to have taken birth in this planet.
Question # 6: In your definition of race you used the term Indian faiths. So do you imply that followers of non-Indic religions do not qualify to be part of the Indic race?
Answer # 6: It depends. If a Muslim or Christian feels that he is of Indian descent and Indic in spirit then he/she definitely qualifies to be part of the Indic race just as would do a Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh or a Jain person. Those Muslims who have wet dreams of Arabic/Turkish ancestory or a Christian who looks up to cold blooded missionaries to "civilize" India do not definitely make the cut. The Parsis have been observed to be more Indian in thinking and outlook than most other folks in India. They by default are part of the Indic race.
Question # 7: India is a third world country with bad infrastructure and grinding poverty. How can you proudly proclaim of being an Indian?
Answer # 7: We will answer this question in this manner. For most of their history Anglo Saxons have been hunter gatherers and dirt poor with hardly any civilization to call their own. The recent wealth and power have only been there for the last 400 years. Aren't they proud British and Americans today? Similarly for much of mankind's history, India dominated the world in wealth, culture, military might and trade. The poverty and internal strife is an aberration which will soon be gone as well. So, will 150 years of misfortune be enough of a reason to not feel proud of a culture/civilization/nation which pretty much taught everything to this planet along with the Chinese?
Question # 8: You are just a bunch of bigots with a site/blog with nothing better to do. No one can dispute that the West is the best and dominates the world.
Answer # 8: Thank you. We agree to disagree. That's the essence of this site, to essentially analyze history and societal progress from a non-western viewpoint. Euro-centric history, Americanized romantic views of the world will now be relegated to the dustbin of history. What will now matter are Indian and Chinese versions of history.
Question # 9: Why only earthly cultures and civilizations?
Answer # 9: No, no, when first contact happens ET's culture will be subjected to scrutiny as well. As an aside I will be evaluating the culture of the famous character Predator soon.

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