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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Depressing reporting of the "Royal" wedding


You really have to credit the Indians. They have the most forgiving of hearts or is it a case of the most forgetful of memories? Every morning when I open the newspaper I see a seperate section dedicated in covering the royal wedding. So Indians are mesmerized by the coverage of the oh-so-blissful CWG event of the royal wedding. Here is a 2 penny third rate power of a geographical entity called "Great" Britain which is going down the drain by the day and yet citizens of the most advanced civilization, India, so gleefully follow the "Royal" wedding. For heaven's sake, these Brits were hunter gatherers even as recently as the 4th Century AD when India had already reached the point of decline of its classical golden age. Sure they ruled us, not by military defeats of the order of the Sanatana Dharma military code but by a cold logic of divide and rule. Military generals ranging from the Marathas to Hyder Ali to the Sikhs all handed them scalding military defeats which punctured their hollow claims of "advanced" weaponry and tactics.

Wake up Indians. This crappy "Royal" wedding is rubbish! I would rather we follow some royal wedding of the Nepalis or the Japanese, the former being from the same culture as ours and the latter being a more worthy equivalent as compared to the hunter gatherer Brit culture.

Just wanted to let off some steam!!! Hail the Barbarian hunter-gatherer wedding!

Vande Mataram!

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