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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The concealed hand of the foreign religion


For all its claims on being apolitical and lacking in any foreign influence, it is clear that a all-controlling foreign hand (read the Christian United States Govt) was instrumental in remotely controlling the Kudankulam "agitation". Hordes of brain-washed Christians led by the "Church" did exactly what Hindu leaders have been saying for some time now, that conversions are in their true spirit, exercises of changing the political allegiance of masses and that such conversions and their leaders have causes inimical to national interests and beneficial to an external foreign entity. It is an open secret that the US govt is supportive of missionaries and their various fronts and actively uses USAID and other organizations like world vision international to achieve its aims, both explicitly and implicitly as the situation demands. It was not without reason that the "West" turned the Pope against the Soviets and brought down USSR. It was not without reason that the Church of England was formed to ensure that the subjects of the "British empire" retained their allegiance to the rulers of the land and not to some powerful clergy sitting in some nominal tiny state somewhere.

Mention this to frothing pseudo-secularists in India and they will go into a frenzy and hop mad. Ask them, on the other hand, who is controlling PMANE and how funds are routed to the "Social cause" organization and you will get hazy incoherent replies which if bereft of any substance and logic will however definitely come across as being politically correct with the usual hatred to everything Indian and Hindu thrown in to the mix. It is a matter of irony that the Congress govt itself, which the pseudo-secularists rush falling head and heels over to support as "secularist", declared that the Kudankulam agitators were receiving foreign funds and support to subvert the internal security of India. It is again an open secret that the US govt is in no way happy that the Indian govt decided to purchase nuclear reactors from Russia as against buying obsolete technology from itself. Hence, all these efforts to sabotage and create an impression of lack of nuclear safety. It is also ironical that the only nation in the world which dropped nuclear weapons which resulted in the slaughter and genocide of thousands of civilians would raise the bogey of nuclear safety to subvert the nation's energy production plans.

If any doubts exist on the idea of continued colonial hangover still existing in Indians then it will suffice to mention that the PMANE children" wrote to Obama's daughters to come "save" them. That a rag-tag nation consisting predominantly of "overnight rich" Germannic tribe descendants who are themselves Christian converts led by a Christian Black President would come to the rescue of converts to Christianity in a far-away culturally advanced nation like India must have seemed plausible to these "children", after all they have been tutored by their parents who see no wrong in subverting their own nation on the whims of foreign powers.

Namaste, Regards, Indic Race Team

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