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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jaichands of today -- Indian Chamchas to the Gora man exist even today

Om Namo Venkatesaaya,

           Most self-respecting and conscious Hindus know about Raja Jaichand. Jaichand was a traitor to the national cause, he betrayed his nation and Hindus to settle personal scores. Nothing was lost though, Prithviraj Chouhan soundly defeated the Islamic tyrant and semi-human barbarian by name Ghori only to let him go. Hindu civilization continues to this day in spite of such Jaichands.

           Now why did I bring up that neanderthal Jaichand? Just yesterday, I was watching this half-Gora Rahul Gandhi speak in the parliament on the Lokpal. Apart from the sad fact that a Gora rules us today by proxy and usurped other able Congress leaders of Indian origin just by the fact of relationship with the Gandhi family, the glorious parliament being desecrated by the presence of this half-Mleccha in its centre, one another very very sharp and tragic travesty came to my notice. The image of Jyotiraditya Scindia standing behind Raul is probably the worst insult heaped on the Maratha legacy. It is to be recollected that the Marathas revived the Hindu renaissance originally started by the Rajputs and the Vijayanagara kingdom and eventually expelled every single Mleccha barbarian from India. Those that surrendered to their will (and thus to the Rashtra) were spared and tribute was collected from them (for example, the Nizam). Is it from such a legacy that this modern day Jaichand arose? This Jaichand who for the sake of politics and yearning for power sides himself with this so-called youth icon by name Raul? Isn't this a slap in the face of the brave Peshwas who fought hard to ensure foreigners do not rule India?

Note this picture below. How idolizing Indians with stars in their eyes gather around this half-Gora. This is not surprising at all. Many a occassion I see Indians in groups staring at Goras. Somehow these deracinated Indians have forgotten the greatness of their culture and the wonderful achievements of the Indic Race that they now have stars in their eyes when they see these "overnight rich" Goras.

(Image Copyright --> The Hindu, taken from link)

Note how they jostle for space to stand next to the Gora man. This Gora man, by the way, for the purpose of clarity, did not become PM-heir apparent by his intellectual or leadership prowess. It was by his ancestry. Indeed, all the others in the picture cannot be PM material and will always have to be subservient to our Gora Babu because dynastic politics runs high in Congress and everyone, including our current honourable PM, Sri Manmohan Singh is subject to it. Now, here is one true Desi product and 100% Indic in race. Varun Gandhi. Poor chap, he is ignored and banished by the media because he isn't a Gora product and also he is not a pseudo-secularist!

(Image Copyright --?, taken from link)

On a lighter note, I came across a Jaichand recently. This Jaichand was very eager to express to this Gora Babus that my "thoughts on westerners converting to Hinduism" reeked of ignorance and us natives are always wrong, only the Gora Babus can be right. This gentleman was very happy to see Goras coming to Hinduism and am sure this desire comes from the Jaichand mentality of Gora Babu being right in all, if Gora Babu comes to Hinduism, ayyo jolly onleee. You can see that ever-so-ready-capitulation at this link. To be frank, the owner of that blog (Tandava, by name) is a very polite western gentleman but unfortunately that space is crowded by others who are not so elegant or dignified as Sri. Tandava. One convert went rabid and posted ill-mannered comments about me in the blog, obviously this reeked of lack of courage to take me head on in intellectual conversations and instead resorted to mean tactics. When I confronted this convert head-on he came up with even more rabid comments on how hurtful my comments have been. Indeed, my freedom to express my thoughts in a humble and decent manner is "offensive" to some. But then as our friend Jaichand said in this post, why bother and let us just not respond to the ignorant soul onleee :-).

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  1. We HIndus are our own enemies. We have many Jaichands among us.